Pottery Painting with Growing Up Milk

The look of concentration
The look of concentration

Last Sunday 3 1/2 year old and I took a trip to Minikin Emporium in Sale to paint some pots.

My eldest lively daughter was very excited at this prospect. We were guests of growingupmilkinfo.com which is a new online resource for parents, providing meal planners, nutritional advice and lots of articles on keeping your little ones healthy.

We were promised a picnic alongside the pot painting which of course made 3 1/2 year old bonkers with anticipation – she thought it was a birthday party and kept asking who’s birthday it was and why weren’t we singing? In the end we did sing Happy Birthday to the pot she had painted, just to keep her happy.

We hadn’t been to Minikin before. Its a lovely little place and the staff were really attentive (they brought me two coffees – now that’s all the attention I need). Although we were there for the event which involved painting a mug, I could see the variety of pottery available to paint, from ladybirds to cats to pots for the garden. I got into a discussion with one staff member who explained they even do evening events for adults where you can bring your own wine (wine and pots? Interesting combo! Must try it sometime!).

Pot painting 293 1/2 year old enjoyed painting her lovely mug and really paid attention to what she was doing. The staff brought more paint whenever we needed it and explained that the pot would then be sent away to be ‘put in the oven’ to set the lovely colours and we could pick it up at a later date.

She was enjoying it so much that I bought her a butterfly to paint, too. We had a really good time and would definitely return – I can see that it’s also a lovely cafe and sweet shop! This didn’t escape my daughter’s attention either. We left with a bag of sweets and are eagerly awaiting our finished pots…

Disclaimer: We were guests of Frank PR on behalf of Growing Up Milk Info for this event and have not been sponsored for this review. All opinions are those of Expression and Confession.