Why don’t I get ill at the same time as my children?

Do you believe in mind over matter? That we can consciously or subconsciously stop our bodies from becoming ill?

Well, recently I’ve certainly thought there’s something funny going on.

Both of my daughters, aged three and one, are of course permanently snotty and most parents will be experiencing the same thing right now.

This weekend, things took a scary turn for the worse when we had to take three year old to our local a&e department with breathing problems. They were very thorough and it was a particularly bad viral infection (will somebody please find a cure for the common cold?! I’ve begged before!). One year old also started with it and both are currently on inhalers.

Of course during this bout of illness, they’ve needed me to be not only around more (I took a day off work) but too be well to look after them.

I’ve had a niggly sore throat throughout all this. But it’s never turned into anything- it’s just there.

It just struck me today – why am I not ill? It looks like I’ve caught something, with the sore throat, so why am I not carrying tissues around or coughing and spluttering?

Is my body fighting it off, because my mind subconsciously knows I have to keep well?

I have to say, to all you who are now thinking “well maybe she has a particularly good immune system” that this clearly is not the case. I’m the person who catches anything- I’m a total virus wimp. I had glandular fever recently so by rights my immune system should be a little down.

I was recently reading these articles on the topic of Mind over Matter. The articles discuss things like positive thinking, hypnosis, meditation and how these can have an effect on our overall health and ability to beat illness.

But I couldn’t find anything on ‘women don’t get ill at the same time as their children”.

What do you think? Does this happen to you? Is it just fluke or is my mind telling my body to hold off being ill?

Of course I’ll get a stinking cold at the weekend, when my girls are better and desperate to run around the park or some play centre! Wish me luck with that…

NasalGuard Cold&Flu Block review: this is a cold-free zone!


You get the tingling sensation in your nose. Or you may feel the beginnings of a sore throat. Your heart sinks – you know you may be getting a cold, or, even worse, the flu.

The dreaded cold

A cold is inconvenient at the best of times. When you have a family, with daughters aged three and one who depend on you completely, it can turn into a disaster.

A small, niggling cold I can deal with. But, being quite tired and run-down anyway as a Mum of two young children who has recently suffered Glandular Fever, mine do tend to turn into horrendous events consisting of nasal pain, throat pain, headaches, conjestion and ultimately some kind of sinus or chest infection.

I’ve only had actual flu once and wouldn’t like to repeat the experience.

When I’m in the middle of an awful cold, there’s I’ll often need some help with the children due to feeling unwell – so I end up calling on family who then have to drop what they’re doing at the time. Once this year, I had to call my partner out of work (he was not impressed – as an aside, when he’s ill it’s like the sky has collapsed and the world is ending).

Cheery, eh?!

Cold prevention

Well as you can imagine, I’ve been looking for ways to avoid catching one in the first place.

There’s the obvious preventative everyday practices such as simple and frequent hand-washing and general good hygiene around the home. There’s also the influenza vaccination, which prevents the most common (but not all) types of flu for the particular year in question (and one for children, don’t forget).

I recently had the opportunity to try a new product called NasalGuard Cold&Flu Block – an “innovative, water-based, drug-free gel which reduces the likelihood of getting sick from cold and flu viruses by creating an invisible barrier around the nose.”

The product

I had no idea how the afore-mentioned ‘barrier’ worked, but reading the leaflet told me that the gel has a “slight positive charge which traps negatively charged airborne viruses entering the body through the nose.”

Technical! Well, anything that stops those blighters entering my nose is a hit with me.

I began using it in mid-September this year. It’s for use throughout cold and flu season (October-April), but as cold bugs had already started to hit friends and family, I thought this would be a good time to start.

Following the instructions, I’ve been applying around four times a day – before and after showering when I get up and every 4-6 hours in between. You simply squeeze 1-2 drops on your forefinger and apply a thin layer around the nostrils and between the nose and upper lip.

This might seem onerous to remember to apply throughout the day, but…

..it’s worked so far!

I am not kidding. Currently, both my children are as snotty as anything and my partner is grumping around feeling very sorry for himself with his latest cold.

I realised the other day, having got used to my four times daily application and forgotten about it, that I haven’t caught anything.

This isn’t to say I’ll remain cold-free throughout winter, but it’s a good start. I’ll definitely be buying more of the product – this time for all the family.

The only negative point to this product is that I can’t lie on the sofa in my malaise dictating orders to everyone. Oh well, you can’t have it all.

NasalGuard Cold&Flu Block is available exclusively boat most Boots stores and online at Boots.com. For more info, visit the NasalGuard Cold&Flu Block site. The product is suitable for pregnant women and children and can be used alongside other treatments.

Disclaimer: I received this product free of charge to trial, but was under no obligation to review. All opinions expressed are my own. I’m so fearful of the disruption to my life that catching lurgies causes that I probably would have bought a cupboard-full anyway.