Bathroom design, told by my 3 year old #3

An avalanche of dust. That’s what our house is currently like. But it’ll all be worth it in the end, as my three year old wisely says.  This is an update to her previous thoughts on the new en suite and main bathroom (and other work) we’re now in the middle of.

This week, the workmen have been in my house.  There is a lot of dust.  Mummy keeps getting the mop out and filling up the bucket with water and saying “Oh!”  lot.

We’ve also been doing vacuuming a lot.  I like vacuuming so I asked if we could do it again.  I like holding the handle myself though Mummy says it slows her down.

The vacuum broke which made Mummy sad.

The workmen put a hole in the wall and put a new boiler in it.  The hole is going to have a little door on it and you can crawl inside then stand up inside like a hidey space, though Mummy says I’m not allowed as I might get lost.

Mummy says we have hot water all the time now.  Before, it sometimes used to run out when she was running her bath.  This made her sad, too.

We have another radiator in the lounge as well as the first one.  My Daddy says it’s a lot warmer.  My Grandad says it has “bloody transformed” it.

Daddy says that the workmen are coming back to put the new bathroom in.  I hope they leave more dust and dirt so we can vacuum again and again!

Crumpets that get stuck in the toaster and other household irritations


Ok, this is a rant. I just felt like it. Plus, as I’m blogging every day in November, this is purely off the top of my head.

  • Crumpets getting stuck in the toaster
  • . To my shame, I’ve been known to stick a metal knife in the toaster in my utter rage and desperation to get the sodding things out. Luckily, I’m still alive. I can’t understand why it happens. When the crumpet enters the toaster, it looks to have a reasonable amount of room. When it’s finished toasting, it’s shape-shifted.

  • Fluff in the tumble dryer filter. Oh my word. I know the filter is there for a reason and I should just get used to it, but I’m normally on a 30 second time limit to get down to the cellar, get the washing out and come back upstairs before one or other child notices I’m gone and indignantly expresses a need for attention. So removing the fluff from the tumble dryer filter is one irritation too far.
  • .

  • Kitchen sink drainer cascade. I’m sure you know what I mean. We have a dishwasher but I tend to wash certain things up as I use them frequently. Sometime the drainer pile gets that little bit too high. Picture the scene: I have a bowl full of washing up water. I place an item to dry on the drainer. This upsets the equilibrium of the drainer’s tower of pots and the whole lot falls into the sink again. Argh!!
  • .

  • Pan cupboard disarray. This is similar to the drainer cascade except that the wetness is replaced by the annoyance of large, heavy pans falling on your toes. Ouch.
  • Boiler fail at inopportune moments. No hot water, just when you’ve got your children all geared up for bathtime or when you need to get in the shower for work. Total household fail.
  • …and finally, one from Mr EC. Apparently this can leave one feeling incandescent with rage:

  • The tool you need is not in the right place. Not that we’re very hot at DIY, but Mr EC does try his hand at seemingly simpler tasks such as putting a picture up, changing light bulbs…struggling to think of anything else right now but I’m sure there are lots and lots of countless more DIY projects undertaken in our house on a regular basis. If you’re in the middle of something and you can’t find the tool that you know was there just the other week, it’s extremely irritating. Apparently.
  • I hope you enjoyed my short rant – I know I did!

    *rocks in corner…*

    Photo credit: Bitstrips

    Blog every day in August: 5 favourite blogs

    This month I am taking part in Yummy Mummy in Training’s ‘Blog every day in August’ challenge. Read all my posts to date here.

    Day 17 is ‘5 favourite blogs’.

    Firstly, I should give a shot out to my #bloggirls, who are Hodge Podge Days, We3three, AtoZ Mummy and myself. We’re a group of friends who live locally to each other and blog on a wide variety of topics including recipes, competitions, cultural insights and mental health issues.

    For the purposes of this post, I decided to choose 5 other blogs that I have recently encountered and now read avidly. They are:

    • Single Mother Ahoy!. I came across this blog via twitter one afternoon recently when I was off work ill. I proceeded to spend the entire afternoon reading it! Single Mother Ahoy! blogs about her experiences in an abusive relationship, becoming a single mother unexpectedly, mental health issues and her experiences as a budding writer. She’s a really talented writer and I never miss her posts.
    • Simply the nest. Simply the nest blogs about house renovation, DIY projects, recipes, interiors, and family life in a Victorian Manchester home. Being rubbish at anything of the sort myself, often read her blog for inspiration, or really just to sit and ponder on what it would be like to be able to actually do this stuff. Check out this post on a mural she hand painted for her daughter’s bedroom.
    • Images and words . This is a great photography blog by an old school friend of mine. The photographs are based around Burnley, my hometown, or taken on one of his many astronomy related trips to far climes (he’s also an astronomy teacher and writer) and are really amazing.
    • Kevin Musgrove’s Commonplaces. Apparently, Kevin Musgrove was born twice – once in 1933 and then again in 1937 and starred in the film “Make Me A Nice Cup of Tea and a Jam Lardy Pussycat”. I basically laugh a great deal at this satirical take on life working in the public sector, or just life in general. Take this post about his Father’s socks and his small niece’s view of them. Hilarious.
    • Heart Mammi. I came across this blog only recently. It’s a heart-warming, honest, yet lighthearted blog which begins at a 20 week scan when the author finds that her unborn child may have heart problems. We follow her throughout her pregnancy and get a glimpse into family life with her two other children. And, I believe she’s due very soon! Good luck, Heart Mammi!!

    Read day 18 here.

    Bathroom design, told by my 2 year old (#2)

    As my partner and I are rubbish at interiors, I decided that the best way to blog about our journey towards our new bathroom and en suite was through the eyes of my two-year-old. She tells it like it is, after all. Read the first instalment, here.

    Well – we went back to the shop with the man in it and the sinks and big baths today.

    I woke up in the car and did shout. Mummy said I had fallen asleep on the way there. I was a bit grumpy and only looked at the big bath once.

    Mummy took some pictures of my baby sister looking in the mirrors at the shop. She looked grumpy, too, but Mummy was excited and doing her silly dances whilst Daddy was talking to the man.

    Mummy likes the sparkly black tiles.

    The man had done special drawings on the computer. I have my own laptop that sings songs and does letters. It’s better.

    Mummy wants a big cupboard as she likes the ‘storage’. She wants to put all the towels in it. I have a purple towel.

    Mummy likes this sink. Daddy “can’t get excited about it”. I like it as I can make a den.

    Mummy says we’re keeping our big bath but Daddy is looking for new taps. Mummy can’t get excited about taps.

    We get to go back to the shop again next week. I’m glad as I always get an ice-cream afterwards.

    Bathroom design: told by my two-year-old (#1)


    Recently, we’ve made the big decision to refurbish and decorate our bathroom. We are not interior design people. Or DIY people. Or even putting up lightbulbs people. Yet I do want to blog about our journey towards something resembling a decent bathroom (and en suite). I may post photos at a later date, when some progress has been made.

    I decided that the best way to tell the tale was from my two-going-on-three-year-old’s point of view. She’s the only one with any common sense, after all.

    Today, mummy and daddy took me and my baby sister to look at some shops. They weren’t like the normal shops. They didn’t have lollies.

    We were in the car first and I was very hungry so Mummy gave me a cheese sandwich. Daddy did put his music on but I shouted because it was not loud enough.

    The first shop had things called tiles and some toilets and big sinks and baths. We have a big bath at home. Mummy says it’s vit-tory-an. There’s a big shower at my house, too. I don’t like any of them.

    That shop did have colouring in. I did colouring in and did a strawberry. Mummy liked some things called tiles and they were grey and had glitter in.

    A man was talking to Daddy a lot and Daddy said to Mummy “let’s get out of here quick”.

    We went in the car again and my baby sister had her lunch. I did fall asleep and Mummy said I had a banana in one hand and a breadstick in the other hand.

    The next shop we were in for a long time. The man had the same name as my Daddy. Daddy did drawing for him and they were talking about the drawings.

    I did some drawing on Mummy’s phone. I drew some ladders and a balloon.

    A lady did make Mummy a cup of coffee and my baby sister sat on the floor and took things out of Mummy’s bag.

    Mummy liked a big round sink with a big mirror at the top and towels underneath.

    I got the towels and wrapped them round me like Mummy does. I did get in one of the big baths and I was making a big cake for Mummy and Daddy and playing peepo with my baby sister. The man did tell me to be careful with the bottles.

    I got in a big shower and it had tiles with glitter like mummy likes. They were black. I liked these.

    Then we said bye to the man and I shook his hand like Daddy does. My baby sister had some milk and a sleep in the car.

    We played in the garden and I had pizza for my tea.

    Daddy says we can go and see the man again next week.

    This is my ladders and balloon on Mummy’s phone.


    Read the second instalment of this series, here.

    Flat pack fun

    Today I put together this shelving unit, complete with boxes, completely on my own and with two year old and baby in tow.


    Needless to say, this involved utilising multiple skills, from analysing the instructions which seemed to involve a cartoon drawing of a bald man generally pointing at some box shapes with a question mark above his head, to having a great deal of patience.

    Some choice phrases from two year old daughter, as I was juggling dowels, screws and allen keys: “Can I stand on it, Mummy?”, “Can I bounce on it?”, “Can I lean on it, then?”.

    Baby was very well behaved in her bouncy chair until she got bored, and I tied a knot in the bag of screws which proved to be an impromptu handy toy (another skill – think on your feet!).

    This unit will be a life saver to the new ‘clutter free’ me, however. All those ‘bits and bobs’ that accumulate with children – baby books, teddies, random pieces from sets of toys which never quite stay together, hair bands, clips….can now all be neatly tidied away! With the added advantage that elder daughter already thinks this is the best idea since yoghurt squash ‘ums, and has already tidied away all her beanie toys.