Forget-me-not Friday #6

This exchange took place at the beach at Fleetwood, Lancashire, and is indicative of a newfound cheekiness and general wish to ‘get one over on me’ in two-going-on-three year old. Very funny, though.

Two-going-on-three year old, carefully and delicately tipping small amounts of sand into her hand and fashioning it into a kind of sausage shape: “Look, Mummy, this is my Guinea Pig”.

Me: “Oh, that’s lovely! Does he have a name?”

Two-going-on-three year old: “It’s a girl”.

Me: “Oh, I see. What’s her name?”

Two-going-on-three year old: “Sophie”.

Carries on moulding Sophie the sand-Guinea Pig for a while, while the rest of us eat our picnic.

Me: “Does Guinea Pig have a tail?”

Two-going-on-three year old: “It’s not a Guinea Pig”.

Me: “Oh, what is it, then?”

Two-going-on-three year old, looking at me as if I’ve just said that jelly doesn’t wobble: “Sand”.

Me: “Oh…”

Forget-me-not Friday #5

Me, getting fed up of two-going-on-three year old shouting “more cheese, Mummy!”: “Excuse me, where are your manners?”

Two-going-on-three year old: “In my legs”.

Me (suppressing giggle): “Well they’re no good in there, are they? You need to always say please and thank you”.

Two-going-on-three year old, having cottoned on immediately that I now think this is funny: “I’m funny, aren’t I, Mummy? MOOORE CHEEEESE! MOOORE CHEEEESE! Shall I do the more cheese dance?”

Me: “No, you need to say please”.

Two-going-on-three year old: “But my manners are in my legs!”

*Thinks about it for a moment or two*

“My legs say please”.

Me, wearily handing over the cheese: “Oh, good”.

Forget-me-not Friday #3

“I want ALL the pages, Daddy!”

Our two year old daughter, like many young children, has her stories before bed every evening. We tell her she can have three books and then it’s sleep-time.

Of course we’re only human, and sometimes we try and sneak in a last book that doesn’t contain quite so many pages, in our eagerness to get some dinner/chill out time.

So it struck me the other evening when I overheard daughter asking daddy for her “rhymes book” – a book of around ten nursery rhymes – that we most certainly can’t get away with such thinking with canny toddler around, who sniffs out the slightest hint of laziness in the story department and stamps on it without delay!

Daddy: “Ok, good, rhymes book. We’ll do a few rhymes and then it’s bedtime”.

Daughter: “But I want ALL the rhymes, Daddy!”

Daddy (inwardly sighing): “Ok, all the rhymes”.

Both cuddle up on bed together with the rhymes book.

Daughter (obviously just checking): “But I want ALL the pages, Daddy!”.

Good on daughter number 1 for enjoying her reading so much!

Forget-me-not Friday #2

“Push her on the swing again, Mummy!”..”Do a BIG swing for her, Mummy!”

Not as comic as last week’s FMNF, but it just struck me how excited my 2 year old was by my 7 month old’s first ever turn on a swing in a park. I kind of expected her to be jealous that her younger sibling can now also have a go on the swings – 2 year old’s favourite.

I underestimated her! She was just excited to have a fellow playmate and I could see years of sisterly fun unfolding.

Here’s hoping!


Forget-me-not Friday

From this point forward, Friday’s posts will consist of quotes from my children that I would rather not forget.

This week’s:

Listening to James Arthur’s version of Impossible in the car…

Daughter no.1: tries cutely to sing along, then, “Is it a man, Mummy?”

Me: “Yes it is”.

D1: “Is he sad?”

Me: “I suppose it’s a sad song, yes, but he’s alright, though”.

D1: “But is he sad?”

Me: “I think he was sad, but not anymore”.

D1: “But is he sad?”

Me: “Yes”.

D1: Ponders for a moment, then, “He needs his Mummy”.