Forget-me-not-Friday #60

This week, I’m focussing on the emerging theme of ‘telling over your little sister’.

We’re eating tea, and the vegetable element involves sprouts. Bit of a curveball, didn’t think they’d eat them, but the following scenario commenced…

Nearly-4-year-old: “Mummy, I’ve eaten 2 sprouts already!”

Me: “That’s really good!” (to little sister) “..and have you eaten your sprouts, too?”

Nearly-4-year-old, not letting little sister answer: “No, she hasn’t. Actually, Mummy, you only gave her 2 sprouts and she hasn’t even eaten any of them!”

Me, attempting to get a word in: “Oh dear!”

Nearly-4-year-old: “I’ve eaten all of mine now, and there were 4!!”

Me: “Well done!”

Maybe I should try broccoli next time, and spinach the time after that…

Forget-me-not-Friday #59

This week, my 21 month old makes another appearance. Her speech is developing rapidly now and she will suddenly say something that makes me stop and think “you’re really growing up!”

It was really simple. We’d got into the car and fiancée had returned to the house to get his wallet.

21 month old, clear as day: “where’s Daddy gone?”

I thought this was brilliant. It showed that she was pondering something in her little mind and was able to articulate it. Well done, little one! (and poor me…two chatterboxes to contend with…)

Forget-me-not-Friday #58


I’ve had a few weeks off Forget-me-not-Friday, mainly due to wedding planning taking up all of my time! It’s only 6 weeks away. My nearly-4 year old in particular is very excited about ‘her wedding’.

Anyway, this week she has been contemplating the issue of spiders…

Nearly 4 year old, screaming and pointing at something in the garden: “Mummy!! It’s a spider!!”

Me: “Well it’s ok, it’s not going to hurt you. It’s friendly!!

Nearly 4 year old: “It is not!”

Me: “I promise you it is.”

Nearly 4 year old: “It is NOT friendly! It doesn’t even shake hands with me!!”

Forget-me-not-Friday #57


… In which 3 1/2 year old contemplates the fact that Father Christmas sees everything.

3 1/2 year old, having just been told off for fibbing about whether or not she spilled water on the settee: “I am NOT telling fibs, Mummy!”

Me: “Well I hope not, because even if Mummy didn’t see what happened, Father Christmas always does.”

3 1/2 year old, thinking about it: “But where does he live?”

Me: “In Lapland I think.”

3 1/2 year old: “But how can he see us from there?”

Me: “He’s got magic powers.”

3 1/2 year old, brow furrowed as she thinks long and hard about this: “Mummy, I think he must have a telescope and binoculars.”

Me, trying not to laugh too hard: “Yes, he must.”

A 3 year old’s Father’s Day gift guide


This week, instead of my usual Forget-me-not-Friday, I thought I would enlighten you on my 3 1/2 year old’s personal Father’s Day gift guide.

She’s very excited about Father’s Day. Yesterday we spent time in the garden making lovely cards with crayons, paint, glue and my ‘odds and ends’ box in which I collect anything and everything from old buttons to discarded ribbons. Daddy’s card from 3 1/2 year old is so loaded up it may not actually stand up.

Anyway, when asked what she thought Daddy would like for Father’s Day, she came up with quite the eclectic mix. I bet you haven’t thought of these.

This is what I’ve got to run round trying to find for Sunday:

– Some spicy sausage
– Lots of chillies, because Daddy likes a lot of chilli in his dinner
– A spicy sandwich (you can see a general theme occurring here…)
– A new, blue duvet cover with pink and white spots. Curveball. No idea where that came from and my google searches have so far evaded me. At this rate I’ll be buying a blue duvet cover and getting her to paint it.

A few alternative ideas there from my 3 1/2 year old. It’s going to be sunny this weekend – the EC family will be enjoying it. Have fun!

Forget-me-not-Friday #56


Today’s Forget-me-not-Friday is simply about my 3 1/2 year old’s enthusiasm for learning to tell the time.

3 1/2 year old: “Mummy, do you know what time it is?”

Me: “No I don’t – what time is it now?”

3 1/2 year old, looking earnestly at her trainer watch: “Twelve-ty, three-ty, five-ty, two-ty to two”

Me: “Great!”

Surely that’s time for another cup of coffee…

Forget-me-not-Friday #54


This week’s Forget-me-not-Friday is about Mummy and Daddy. One evening this week we found one of 3 1/2 year old’s books hilarious, wiping away tears of laughter, much to her bemusement.

The book is called Mog on Fox Night and is about the lovely cat Mog who encounters a group of foxes one evening (or a skulk of foxes?).

I’m even starting to weep as I write this – must be the sleep deprivation as it’s not even that funny.

The part in question is when Mr Thomas has lost his rag about Mog not eating her tea – and just after he’d put out the bins, which he doesn’t like doing. The bin/moodiness scenario rings a bell in the EC household and was the beginning of the mirth.

So Daddy starts reading…

“Mr Thomas said: You spoil that cat. That cat has been given two suppers and has left them both.” Cue mild titters between the two of us…

“…She is not to be given an egg as well.” We get the giggles which just start to be a little infectious…

“…In fact, if that cat does not eat every bit of those two suppers, she will not get an egg for her breakfast either.” We collapse into complete uncontrollable belly laughter…you had to be there!

Forget-me-not-Friday #53


We are all in the kitchen discussing what me might have for tea. Recently, I’ve been experimenting with more vegetarian recipes, as I’m veggie myself. Obviously this isn’t to 3 1/2 year old’s taste…

Me: “I’m cooking something exciting today”.

3 1/2 year old: “Ooooh! What is it?”

Me: “Spicy beanburger a with cauliflower cheese.”

3 1/2 year old, thinking about it: “Erm, I think I’ll have some chicken with that!”

Forget-me-not-Friday #52


This week’s Forget-me-not-Friday is something that simply made me laugh.  A lot.

My three year old is in the garden.  I glance outside and see it’s started to rain.  I’m in a panicked state, trying to get my washing off the line (always happens, this – I put washing out = guaranteed rainstorm.  Must consider alternative career as a weather lady).

Me, still with my back to 3 1/2 year old: “Can you go inside, it’s raining. You’ll get wet!”

3 1/2 year old: “I know – that’s why I’ve got this teatowel on my head!”

This is the most amazing protective headgear, folks!