Me time: Volair Spa, Knowsley

It’s hard to find time to relax as a parent of young children.  Even those times when you do have a few moments to yourself, you can find that your mind goes into overdrive with a mental list of tasks you ought to be either doing or thinking about.

As Mum to nearly-6 and 4 year old girls, I was delighted to be invited to the Volair Spa in Knowlsey this week for a pampering spa day.  A whole day just for me? Doing lovely, relaxing things? Unheard of!

Volair Spa Knowsley
I set out to Knowsley this Tuesday with my fellow blogger HodgePodgeDays anticipating some serious Zen time and we got just that – and more. 

The spa is set within a multi-million pound leisure complex so we had a nosey around there first as we approached the spa. There’s a huge swimming pool for example, coffee shop and welcoming sculpture and art work.

In the spa, we were greeted by the lovely Hayley and her team, who I must thank as they looked after our every need all day.  Hayley showed us to the spa’s relaxation room which was so inviting- full of cosy chairs, squishy beanbags, fleecy throws with dimmed lighting and chill out music.  Every spa should have one of these. 

We had a welcome drink (I chose a fiery rhubarb and ginger tea) and pastries and Hayley explained that our group would be split into two, experiencing the thermal suite and cleansing/facial interactive demonstrations in turn.

Volair Spa Knowsley
HodgePodge and I experienced the thermal spa first, which consists of jacuzzi, sauna and steam room.  But first, a member of Hayley’s team gave us some beautiful-smelling body scrubs to try.  These were by Lycon and I tried the lavender and chamomile scent which made my skin feel so soft and exfoliated – great to do before a sauna/steam.  

As you can see from the above, we spent a lot of time in the jacuzzi! The thermal area is really nice, with beds you can also relax on as you move from room to room, detoxifying.

Volair  Spa  Knowsley
We had to shift ourselves out of the tub however and move to our buffet lunch, followed by the demonstrations.

Here Hayley talked us through how to cleanse and take off makeup effectively – with a real handy hints and using AromaWorks products.  We tried their cleanser, toner and facial oil range.  I do like to use a facial oil on some evenings of the week as I find my skin can get quite dry.  The AromaWorks oils smelt gorgeous, with lots of essential oils to treat the skin.  

Hayley explained that it’s best to cleanse twice, particularly in the evening as the first cleanse will loosen the grime and pollution of the day and the second will then take away any final traces and allow any oils to penetrate the skin. Also, using a wet cotton pad to apply toner means you will use less product each time.  Finally, tapping the skin lightly with your fingertips as you apply moisturiser will ensure the cream is applied evenly and also help the circulation, helping the moisturiser to sink in. 

Our group then watched Hodgepodge have a CrystalClear microdermabrasion facial.  Fascinating! This used an electric tool which gently exfoliated the skin using very fine crystals.  The result was very good- take a look at HodgePodge’s site to see the results.

We felt really looked after at Volair Spa.  I’d certainly go back there (already booked in, in fact).  It’s a lovely, small spa with a personal feel to it.  If you’re in the area and have time for a pamper- give it a go.

Disclosure: We were invited to Volair Spa, Knowsley free of charge.  All opinions expressed are my own. 

Double serum for double eye bags!

Thanks to a very generous partner, I am now the proud owner of this.

Oh wow. I’ve always been a sucker for a good moisturiser (I once caught a beautician referring to me as a ‘Roger Rabbit’. Apparently, this was beautician speak for ‘someone who will undoubtedly buy something’), and always tried to take care of my skin.

At this time in my life, however, boy do I need it! My previous post explained how sleep has drastically improved, recently. Yet the six months’ worth of sleep loss had already taken its toll. Tired = tired looking skin. Coupled with the enormous amounts of coffee I drink per day, this doesn’t make for a good skin/eye bag experience.

I have high hopes for this! I’ll let you know the results…

A day at the spa: a review

Yesterday, I had the amazing good fortune to spend an entire day – yes that’s from 9am until actual tea time – at a local spa, whilst my partner looked after both children (he had a stunned look of residual terror on his face upon my return, but that’s another story..).

It took a while for my mind to relax (and I did get both children dressed, wrote my partner an itinerary, and prepared breakfast for all before I set off). When I arrived with my friend, my mind was still in that ‘argh! I must do everything really quickly and urgently in case one or other child needs feeding/wakes up etc.’ state. After a coffee whilst filling in the ‘how do you feel today?’ card (stressed?: yes. anxious?: yes. need to unwind?: yes), a mud treatment, and a long spell in the most amazing ‘deep relax’ room, my mind slipped into a relaxed state.

I thought it would be useful to review the things my mind chose to dwell on at this point. This was:

– my close friends’ personal lives
– school choices
– recipes
– the pop star Rhianna, and why she has chosen to get back with that rotter Chris Brown

*Aside*: I’m a friend of the bullet point. This is going to be a recurring theme of this blog.

What does this say about me?! Actually it probably shows that I wasn’t quite as relaxed as I thought. My mind is so used to flitting from one pressing issue to the other right now that it simply replaced the usual with the above.

However, a change is as good as a rest, they say! I still feel totally rejuvenated and refreshed. I thoroughly recommend a day at the spa to contemplate popstar plights and healthy eating!