Summer holidays begin here…a trip to Dunham Massey

I can’t believe my eldest has finished her preschool year and will start Reception class in September.  Everyone says it…but it has gone so fast! I think it’s only really just sinking in as we begin…the Expression and Confession Summer Holiday Adventures 2015!

I want to make summer holidays as special as I can for my girls, with lots of activities both outdoor and in and some robust recording mechanisms so they’ve got something to look back on in future years.

I’ve bought a simple scrap book with plain paper pages so my eldest (who’s progressed so much in writing and drawing) can draw pictures of what we’ve been doing from week to week, seeing her and her little sister’s summer story developing from week to week.  I’m also adding photographs which I’m determined to diligently print each week (thank goodness for the IOS Freeprints app!).

Last Friday my nearly 5 year old finished preschool at lunchtime, so right away we began our fun stuff, with lunch out at the Home Community Cafe in Didsbury, followed by an afternoon of baking delicious goods (er…no diets here this summer!) and playing in the local park.

dunham massey
My youngest and I at Dunham Massey

This weekend, we took a picnic to Dunham Massey park in Cheshire and spent the afternoon with some good friends.  Dunham Massey is one of my favourite National Trust attractions.  Whether you have children or not, there’s a great deal to do and see in a fantastic environment that seems to enhance your wellbeing as soon as you step out of the car!  The new visitors centre (recently renovated) is great, with a lovely gift shop, restaurant, ice cream parlour and garden shop.

If you do have kids, you can take bikes, scooters or outdoor toys and just let them run wild amidst the huge deer park and check out the resident wildlife.  There’s also a great wooden play area with picnic tables just near to the entrance – my two girls spent hours here with their friends this weekend.

The beautiful flower gardens are also huge and so well cared for.  My two love running around in the gardens and naming the many different plants and blooms.

I’ve yet to brave taking a nearly 5 and nearly  3 year old into the house, but it’s on the agenda for the summer.  Currently, it’s the First World War Stamford Military Hospital, demonstrating what life was like for patients and members of the Grey family who lived on the estate and helped care for them.  I think the girls would enjoy it – we’ve recently been to the Imperial War Museum together and it amazed me how much they engaged with the stories and artifacts.   It’s a great way to involve them in culture and social history, but also to awaken their imaginations.

We’ve recently renewed our National Trust membership so there’ll be more local attractions on the agenda this summer: Lyme ParkTatton Park and Quarry Bank Mill to name a few.  We also have zoos, the Lake District and animal farms lined up so we’ll be busy! Plus, of course, baked goods are always a winner for a rainy afternoon…

rasberry cheesecake jammy buns
Baking wares…rasberry cheesecake and jammy buns




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