The mini expressions: an update

It’s a while since I posted an update on my two girls, who are now aged 4 1/2 and 2 1/2.

My two girls.  I never thought I would say that; I have two beautiful daughters and every day we feel blessed to have them.  We get to keep them forever – hooray! Well, until they decide they’re sick of us and that we’re old and boring and leave home.

4 1/2 year old

My oldest girl is approaching her last term of her first year in a school environment.  She’s in preschool and has taken to it so well.  The nursery class is lovely- everyone is friends with each other and we’re so lucky she gets to be in such an enabling and encouraging environment.

There has been the odd teething issue.  She’s a feisty one, our eldest.  She has lots to say and likes to ensure that she’s heard as soon as possible and preferably as loud as possible.  I know that I sometimes wish I could switch my brain off to give it a rest from this continuous onslaught of preschool opinion – “BUT, MUMMY!…” and “BUT CAN I JUST TELL YOU…”, so goodness knows how the class teacher copes.  So we’ve been drumming it in that she needs to listen when the teachers are speaking.

Her writing has developed so fast – I’m amazed! She could just about write her name when she started preschool; now she can write a birthday card to her friends.  I have to prompt her with the correct letters most of the time, but she can write “love from…” and the rest on her own.

She loves anything crafty and anything that requires painting or colouring in, which is making me wake up in the night with cold sweats as I’m rubbish at it.  I’ve been trying to brush up on crafty stuff so I can be ‘encouraging, helpful Mum’! See the photo above- egg painting for Easter, no less.

Likes and dislikes: currently still on Frozen, but also developed a strong interest in Horrid Henry (should I be worried?), space and the weather.  Yes the weather. Today I had to google what makes it rain and how the weather people on TV know it’s going to rain. She still detests trousers and hasn’t worn them since she was 18 months old, despite me often pointing out other girls’ lovely pink trousers with butterflies and jewels on.  Trousers to her are like some horrible big hairy spider or something.

2 1/2 year old

Currently coming into her own with toilet training galore! It’s a pretty good milestone, the toilet training as when they start really twigging what it’s about they also get a confidence boost due to realising they can be a little bit independent.  The little one is fast becoming not little at all.  She’s having a huge growth spurt and I keep doing a double take, thinking how tall she’s become.

She’s very kind for a 2 1/2 year old. Aren’t 2 year olds supposed to be going through a selfish stage, saying “that’s mine!” a lot? Our littlest one will bring toys to her older sister, save chocolates for her and give her a hug if she’s crying.  She’s kind to me, too – she actually takes herself to bed. No-one will believe me, but she does.  7pm or thereabouts, she decides she’s had enough and you’ll find her in her bed with her milk.

On a Saturday morning, we drop her sister off at a drama class and then we go to a local cafe for coffee for me and a babyccino for her.  She’s actually quite good company! She doesn’t try to run off or complain – she will sit and drink her babyccino and chat to me or play on the iPad. It’s brilliant!

Likes and dislikes: LOVES Horrid Henry (hmmm), also loves Frozen.  Likes sweet corn and sausage.  Dislikes being told off in any way, shape or form. It’s rare we do have to speak firmly with her, but if we do she will sulk for a good half and hour and/or her face will crumple pathetically with a look of intense sadness that makes the grown up involved instantly give in.

Our girls – they’re amazing!


Working Mum of two, living in Didsbury, Manchester, in a house which breeds washing, mushed up raisins and various toys in the brightest primary colours. Oh, and the odd empty wine glass.

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