Girls’ night in (with a 4 and 2 year old)


As I have two daughters, now aged 4 and 2, I’ve often wondered how soon we can do ‘girly stuff’ together and have a ‘girls’ night in’.  I stop short of a girls’ weekend away – that would clearly be a large mistake at this point in my lifespan.  I would be setting myself up for a weekend of tearing my hair out whilst husband put his feet up at home, no doubt watching Jools Holland and eating nuts in bed.  Anyway, to the point.

A girls’ night in is doable even now, I’ve recently discovered.  It can even be of benefit for those who struggle to get their children in bed, even upstairs.

It’s a rudimentary version of the girls’ night of course – and arguably less enjoyable for the grown up due to lack of Prosecco and meaningful gossip.  But it’s good for building relationships with your daughters outside of anything organisational – relating to school, mealtimes, getting them to bed etc.

Ingredients for my girls’ night in:

– one parental bedroom, dimly lit and preferably with a TV in it (provides the ‘illicit’, enticing factor that actually makes them participate)

– something different and a ‘bit grown up’ for the children to watch on the aforementioned TV (I chose a recording of Strictly Come Dancing, or The Voice on another occasion)

– something slightly ‘naughty’ to eat that they wouldn’t usually get at bedtime (I have put together platters of ‘Mummy’s best cheese’, ‘Daddy’s sausage’ and a couple of chocolate fingers, for example).

– Maybe even new pyjamas for an extra treat –  although I haven’t done this one yet (good idea though, if I do say so myself).

I’ve tended to do my girls’ nights on evenings when my husband is away.  This was partly as my eldest is so attached to him and gets a bit off the wall if he’s not there to read her bedtime story. I get them upstairs and have the food ready on our bed, with something nice on the TV so that they can tuck themselves up.  I sit with them and we just chat for a bit – amazingly, so far, they haven’t played up.  Honestly – they’ve sat there the whole time munching their food, watching a bit of TV and actually talking to me rather than pretending  I’m not there or that I’m this talking entity that’s generally to be ignored.

I start the grand event at around 6pm so this means they’re ALREADY UPSTAIRS – an added bonus for me who’s home alone and facing the prospect of getting the potential horrors in bed at a reasonable time.

It’s only lasted for around an hour or so before I do actually put them to bed.  But it’s a start and we all enjoy this little bit of time together.  The start of many girls’ nights to come?




Working Mum of two, living in Didsbury, Manchester, in a house which breeds washing, mushed up raisins and various toys in the brightest primary colours. Oh, and the odd empty wine glass.

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