Preschool parenting: has anyone seen my brain?

This morning, in a cafe, I tried to put my 2 year old’s coat on as we were leaving. Upon realising my outrageously stupid error, I hastily looked around to check if anyone had seen.

They had. Oops. The looks on their faces were a interesting study in humanity actually – a mix of “I pity you, poor, tired Mum who doesn’t know what day it is”, “Are you stupid?” And “That coat’s a nice colour. Maybe she prefers it to her own.”

Actually I wasn’t tired at all. It’s ‘Dryanuary’ after all and my husband and I have been sipping herbal tea all week and going to bed shortly after 10pm. I’ve had no problems with the kids, sleep-wise. I should be a shining example of parental liveliness, springing out of bed, making porridge with half a banana on the side and whistling a merry tune as I gently urge my children into the car for the school run.

The reality for me is I have so much to remember and think about that my brain obviously doesn’t have time for simple things like putting the correct coat on. It’s too concerned that I might forget to order that prescription for eczema, put the school library book in the book bag or buy more of those fruit bars they like from Aldi.

The parental challenge of the moment has shifted from coping with lack of sleep to increasing my brain’s capacity to process larger and larger amounts of information and stuff to remember. Something has to give…today the coat, tomorrow could be interesting??

The offending coat. It is a nice colour, actually.
The offending coat. It is a nice colour, actually.


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  1. It if makes you feel any better lady I tried to put my son’s coat on at the weekend – in my defense it has a similar furry hood and I wasn’t paying attention when I took it out of the cupboard!

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