Nativity play preschool Angel costume

First nativity (who’s the most tearful?…)

Nativity play preschool Angel costume
psssst…it was Daddy who was the most tearful…

Day 12 of #blogmas and after a few days’ hiatus due to the usual winter terror of preschool virus hell, I’m turning my attention to the subject of my 4 year old’s first nativity.

This morning, we watched her perform as an angel which was so lovely – a heart-warming experience. I’ve never watched children perform in a nativity play in my life, so watching our own daughter was amazing.

Reflecting on the morning, there are 3 things that I feel define the whole event.

Utter chaos. Getting to school on time is chaos enough in the morning, so imagine ushering eager relatives and friends into the school hall while you get your child into her angel costume in a small, packed preschool classroom with everyone else trying to do the same. It was interesting, but it worked!

Excitement. Everyone was just excited to be there – as parents we felt really proud to be at our little one’s first nativity play and grandparents and close friends who had set out on a cold morning to see her were also eager to see her debut. The prospect of mince pies afterwards also helped.

Comedy: My little girl does like to put herself forward a bit. She was an angel- one of around 6- but she ensured she was the very last to sit down when supposed to, standing up and waving for just that bit longer, and she also carried on singing Jingle Bells for an extra bar or seven, too.

Emotion. It seems so clichĂ©d to say we were tearful but there’s something about your little one performing in a nativity that makes you blub like nobody’s business. It’s just unbelievably cute and lovely and adorable and all those schmaltzy words.

As I write, at around 8pm, 4 year old is still not in bed due to residual excitability from the event of the year. In fact, I can hear her bouncing on the bed shouting “I WANT ANOTHER BOOK, DADDY!” So she enjoyed it! And we’re looking forward to more nativity plays to come.

I’m blogging every day this Christmas. Having said that, I didn’t do days 7-11 due to being in winter virus hell. Read day 6 here.


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8 thoughts to “First nativity (who’s the most tearful?…)”

  1. My favourite thing about Christmas used to be the kids Christmas plays. All their little voices when they sing, preferably for them with actions (over the hills and over the valleys! If you don’t know that yet I’m sure you sill soon enough!) Mine are all big now and I miss that warm fuzzy Chrsitmassy feeling that only kids with paper crowns or tea towels on their heads can give you. Enjoy!

  2. My favourite in Harper’s play was the little boy who sung every song SOOOOO LOUUUUUUDDLY but then when he had to do his solo just whispered.

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