Favourite family Christmas traditions

Putting the angel on the christmas tree I’ve decided to participate in #blogmas14, which means I’ll be subjecting you all to a post a day during the 25 days of Christmas. They’ll be mainly Christmas-related of course, but I warn you that from time to time I may think “BORED” and write some complete nonsense.

So – day 3.  I thought I would write about our favourite family Christmas traditions.

My two girls are only 4 and 2 so our own little traditions are still emerging. But here are a few that we love:

Putting the angel on the tree

Yes, having said this is a favourite tradition, I totally forgot to take a photo of this epic moment this year.  So see last year’s photo, above!  The tree is a source of great excitement for my two – the choosing of it is undertaken by the girls and Daddy in a most diligent and exacting way, with careful consideration of the size and position of branches and the bulk of the needles.  This is even the case upon buying a fake tree, which we decided to do this year.  Then it’s the decorating, which includes handmade decorations by the girls and usually a decoration each that they’ve chosen from the fantastic display at the local garden centre.  And, after the girls have gone to bed, I dutifully move most of the decorations from the bottom third of the tree to the completely bare upper two-thirds.

The angel is the best bit, although I’m usually on pins as Daddy ascends the step-ladder, relevant girl in his arms to enable her to place it.  And voila!

Our cloth advent mouseAdvent Mouse

Most families will have advent calendars containing a chocolate per day – we have a cloth advent mouse with chocolate and small toys each day.  We have a very creative family member (i.e. not me) who made this for us and the girls are so excited to see what’s inside the pocket each morning.

New pyjamas on Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is a time for cozying up, drinking mulled wine (adults only – ‘spiced ribena’ for the girls) and opening new PJs bought for each other. Or matching nighties in the case of my two, one of which has refused to wear trousers since she was 18 months old and that includes pyjama trousers. In the past few years, we’ve only bought these for our girls, but this year I’m extending it to the olds. We are each tasked with finding a suitable pair of PJs for the other. These are a pair of potentials for me.

Sprout stalk
Unexpected vegetable recipes

Let’s face it, the actual Christmas dinner can be dull. It’s basically a spruced up roast – there’s just more of it and it’s turkey instead of chicken. I like to spice it up a little with an unexpected vegetable side dish. Sometimes it falls flat on its face, and sometimes it’s a hit – but it’s a talking point either way. Last year’s was the ‘roasted sprout stalk’ which received mixed feedback (about half positive, half “wtf?”) and the year before some unusual butternut squash effort which one family member actually asked to take home seconds of. Undecided on this year’s (please leave any ideas below!).

So those are just a few of our own little traditions.  Obviously we do the usual stockings, present opening and general ridiculous amounts of eating and drinking.  What are your own family traditions?


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