Our letters to Father Christmas

letter to santa, letter to father christmas
To Santa’s Grotto, Reindeerland…

Last week saw the annual ritual of posting our letters to Father Christmas. For us, it seemed to herald the beginnings of Christmas excitement and magic, stimulating my two girls’ imaginations as they posted their letters to Santa’s Grotto in Reindeerland.

My girls are 4 and 2 and got really involved with this activity this year. It’s also quite helpful as the children give me ideas on what they would like and I can in turn use the prospect of receiving those items as bribery fodder positive behavioural reinforcement tools.

Even better, having recently started preschool my 4-year-old can write her own letter this year and it’s great writing and language practice – ok it’s barely legible and contains some surprisingly gothic drawings especially thought up for Father Christmas himself – but it’s her own work, nonetheless and it’s one of the sweetest things I’ve seen her do.

Letter to Father Christmas
Dear Father Christmas…please don’t be afraid, but for Christmas I would like…

My 4-year-old is now of an age where she can list the items she’d like Father Christmas to bring her, and even my 2-year-old managed a “MORE STICKERS!” when I asked her what she would like.

How I’m going to get round some of the items my 4-year-old chose is going to be INTERESTING – “doggy”, anyone?? I’m assuming she meant a small, soft toy in the shape of a dog, wearing maybe a princess necklace (surely she meant that?). In fact, her list took a decidedly non-human form this year:

– a fish
– a rabbit
– a dinosaur
– a doggy

That’s doable, that list (HELP!!!).

If you want to write your own letter to Father Christmas, the cut off date for Royal Mail is Saturday 6th December so get your skates on, folks!

Here’s the address:

Father Christmas (or Santa),
Santa’s Grotto,

Hope you get what you ask for!


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