Forget-me-not-Friday #67

Forget-me-not-Friday It’s not actually Friday, it’s Saturday but I didn’t have the chance to write this yesterday due to being a BUSY MUM. However my 4 year old was demonstrating some remarkable negotiation skills this week which I must share…

It was Thursday or thereabouts and I had bought a Kit Kat – a four-fingered Kit Kat. I gave one finger each to the girls as a treat, then thought we would save the rest for Mr EC when he got home from work.

4 year old and her little sister were busily eating their tea and said Kit Kat was resting on the kitchen worktop, calmly awaiting Mr EC’s arrival. Here’s what transpired…

4 year old: “Is that the Kit Kat, Mummy?”

Me: “Yes, that’s Daddy’s bit for when he gets home isn’t it? It’s his favourite.”

4 year old: “Can I have some?”

Me: “No – you and your sister ate yours earlier. That’s for Daddy. You can tell him as soon as he comes in that he’s got a Kit Kat.”

4 year old: “But I’ve eaten my tea really nicely!”

Me: “Yes you have. You can have a satsuma.”

4 year old, after a short, sullen silence: “But can I just hold it?”

Me: “No, you can’t hold it.”

4 year old: “But I just want to hold it!! Then I can give it to him when he gets home from work!”

Me: “No. You’ll eat it. You won’t be able to help yourself.”

4 year old, indignant: “I will NOT eat it!”

Me: “Well I think it’s best it stays there.”

4 year old: “But it’s lonely, Mummy. And we must always be kind to people and look after things.”

Me, thinking ‘bugger!’, as these are 2 of her school rules and technically she’s right. Although the Kit Kat isn’t a person, surely?! And not a thing that needs looking after as such??: “I still just think it should stay where it is, as I am sure it is quite happy where it is.”

4 year old: “Well you’re MEAN!! You’re being MEAN to the KIT KAT!”

Me: “I am not having this conversation anymore…”


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