Made with Love Designs Christmas Cards (review)

imageWe’re gearing up for Christmas in the Expression Confession household. At least I think we are – I’ve started my present list, booked a few exciting events and started a list of food? Ok, I actually haven’t done anything.

However, I did get the chance to review some gorgeous handmade Christmas cards from Made with Love Designs.

Made with Love Designs offer a range of beautiful personalised greeting cards, alongside wedding and event stationery and selection of unique gifts.

I admit I’m not great at sending Christmas cards. I admire people who sit for a good hour or so churning out around 30 cards to send to friends and family, but I’m not that person.

So when I do send a Christmas card (for me, usually to friends and relatives who I don’t often see face to face and have a chance to shout “Merry Christmas!” to) I like to take my time choosing a good quality card.

Made with Love asked me to choose a card design, so I chose the Venice Snow Flake from their site which looked simple, elegant and festive. I also sent them details of the wording I would like on our cards – a simple “Merry Christmas” from our family on the front, and some further greetings inside the card.

We were amazed and really pleased with the quality of these cards when they arrived. They are created with good quality card, the design is excellent and the typeface really appealing.

The website includes an option to send the cards either to yourself or directly to the recipient, which is great for loved ones who don’t live nearby. I would say they are quite pricey at around ¬£5 per card for this particular design (including the postage), but if you’re looking for just a few to send out and would like them to be really special, these are perfect.

I’m looking forward to sending mine!

Disclosure: I received a sample of cards in return for this review. All opinions expressed are my own.


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