The ‘spreading myself thin’ Smart Art Graphic

spreading self thin

It’s amazing what inputs and outputs we have as mothers. What better way to demonstrate them than via the hugely brilliant Microsoft PowerPoint Smart Art Graphic? Ok, I’m having a bit of geeky fun that perhaps only fellow geeks will find even remotely amusing, but I was sat at work, preparing such as graphic for something or other, when I thought “why not try this at home?”

Apparently, this particular graphic demonstrates ‘multiple steps or parts that merge into a whole’. I think that safely applies to me. I’m a whole, and I have many, many multiple steps and many, many parts in my life.

I could have made this graphic a lot bigger, but I felt a) I would bore you b) it would be too big for a mobile browser and c) I would look like a knob.

Coming up next week: the SharePoint Workspace of family organisation. No? Ok then.


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