Forget-me-not-Friday #65

Today’s Forget-me-not-Friday is about my 4 year old’s fascination with bugs and increasing interest in the natural world. She’s been studying the ‘world around us’ at school and it’s lovely to see her trying to work things out for herself.

There’s a ladybird on the ceiling. 4 year old is fascinated with how it stays upside down.

4 year old: “…but how does it stay there?”

Daddy, panicking slightly at lack of ladybird knowledge: “Erm, maybe it has special sticky pads on his feet? I’ll look it up for you and find out.”

4 year old, decisively after thinking for a while: “I know how it stays.”

Daddy: “Really? How does it stay there?”

4 year old: “It has magnets on its feet.”

Daddy: “Ah, yes…you could be right there…”


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