My daughter’s first school Learning Journey

IMG_5182-0.JPGThis week saw a real milestone for family Expression Confession, as we attended our daughter’s first parents evening.¬† She recently started preschool and we don’t really get to know much of what she does from day to day.

Until this week, that is! Learning Journeys are a tool that schools use to track a child’s progress against the National Curriculum and the expected level for their age. I was really impressed with how well the teachers had got to know her in one half of a term.

I’m not so bothered about tracking and performance just yet. It’s useful and important – but she is 4 so I won’t be dwelling on it…she is doing well though *quick smug face*.

What I really love are the photos and corresponding anecdotes detailing what my 4 year old’s been doing, for each day that she’s been there. As a working Mum, I don’t even do the school drop off and pick up most days so my information is limited. If I ask she will just mention the names of her two favourite friends and tell me she’s played with them. That’s more or less it. I know she enjoys herself and I also get an array of Elsa/Frozen themed drawings in her book bag at the end of each day and something that looks like computer code (seriously- she likes drawing rows of 0s and 1s) from time to time.

IMG_5197.JPGOnce she told me – shocker – that she played with a boy.

So the Learning Journey is a real eye opener that had my husband and I became engrossed in, with fits of laughter at times. My favourite anecdote was a photo of 4 year old with her bezzie playing with dinosaurs in the sand. The teacher had captured her perfectly when she relayed that she had “shouted very loudly” across the playground the fact that she thought dinosaurs lived in hot countries and often needed a snack.

This is the beginning of our school journey as a family. It’s good so far and I hope it continues this way (I’m scared of the teens – SCARED I tell you!). It must be such hard work for the teachers, collecting all the information to build up a story for each child. I’m so impressed!



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  1. I’ve always been impressed by the amount of effort that has gone into maintaining my children’s learning journeys. It’s interesting to know more about what they do at preschool and also to spot things that are different to what they do at home or that they simply don’t tell us about at home. 95% of it is stuff we already know about, but it’s that final 5% that makes these so worthwhile.

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