Morning survival tips with Belvita (review)

Belvita breakfast biscuitsRecently, I wrote about how I was coping with my 4 year old starting school. I could have really written 3 words: SCHOOL RUN CHAOS! Getting both my girls up and dressed and breakfasted and into the car, finding a parking space – argh! And those are just the days I don’t work.

The work days are another kettle of fish. The organisation required to ensure childminder and school have the right gear and information on anything from what excema medication my eldest needs that day to the fact my youngest has decided she no longer eats yoghurt is astonishing.

I think it’s good to share tips on how to make mornings that bit easier. Belvita are currently asking for tips or #MorningWins. Please share some tips with me, people! Er, do I have any? Well I guess if I really get my thinking cap on I must have developed a few just to survive.

Preparing like a maniac the evening before. I prepare all bags and any notes that need writing the evening before as I know I’ll start panicking and forgetting important things if I leave it until morning.
Setting an alarm. Sounds ridiculous to parents of preschoolers who’s kids get them up at the crack of dawn, but we have been caught out by this. We usually get woken up by our two around 7am, but the other week we didn’t bother setting any alarm and I woke and realised it was 7:30am. Cue utter panic.
Making coffee a priority. It makes me feel instantly better to have a cup of lovely, frothy cup of coffee on hand first thing. Makes it all more bearable.
Not letting them go downstairs until they’re dressed. Big mistake to let them eat breakfast first folks. You’ll never get them upstairs to get dressed again.
Making them some porridge. I like giving them porridge on week days as I think it keeps them full for longer. My eldest gets a snack and drink of milk during the morning at school but that’s not much if she’s only had a bowl of cereal. So it’s porridge all the way.
Covering the school uniform with teatowels. Ingenious. Whilst having breakfast, 4 year old is swamped in teatowel to prevent spillages spoiling her uniform.

Belvita recently kindly sent me 3 kinds of their breakfast biscuits to review- apricot, choc chips and hazelnut. I have bought these before and find them useful for me on work days in particular as I rarely get to eat breakfast before I set off.

These aren’t as sugary as other similar breakfast treats and they apparently slowly release carbohydrates over four hours. I do try and eat some fruit mid-morning, too, but they are a really tasty breakfast snack! My favourite flavour is the hazelnut but my girls loved the choc chip – I’ve been carrying them around in my bag as snack emergencies.

Hopefully I’ll develop even more morning hacks as I go through the many years ahead of school runs, but for now I’m looking forward to reading everyone else’s!

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Disclosure: Belvita sent me some delicious breakfast biscuits to review, in return for this blog post. All opinions expressed are my own.


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