Forget-me-not-Friday #62


Today’s Forget-me-not-Friday is about my nearly-two-year-old’s developing grasp of language…which in turn means she can give her older sister what for.

Nearly-four-year-old: “You pushed me!”

Nearly-two-year-old, matter of factly but still in babyish voice: “I didn’t push you”

Nearly-four-year-old, startled and indignant at this sudden eloquence in her little sister “You DID push me!”

Nearly-two-year-old, quietly defiant: “I didn’t push you..”

…and so on. We were in the supermarket at the time. The checkout was *interesting*.

Finally, here’s a photo of my lovely nearly-two-year-old at the dentist. She surprised me by being very, very good.IMG_4492



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  1. I will be at that stage soon! At the moment my baby is too young to get into trouble but that will all change I’m sure! She is up for a bit of mischief with her brother!

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