Mother’s Day: best Mum moments

I was reading recently that the origins of Mothering Sunday go back centuries, linked to a Christian tradition on the mid-Sunday in lent that has gradually evolved to become the gift-giving event we see today.

Receiving a gift is always very nice (and getting a lie in even better – HINT!), but Mothering Sunday for me is also a time to reflect on motherhood and particularly some of the moments that stand out for me.  Although arguably all of being a Mum is the best, I’ve called them best ‘Mum moments’.

  • “I’m here, Mummy!” Words can’t express how great this was. In those first few seconds after the carnage (nay horror) of birth, what connections were being made in my brain? I instantly forgot any pain as soon as I saw that little face staring at me.
  • “I can talk”. I think most Mums will have this one in their best Mum moments. My eldest’s first word was “Ta” and my youngest’s was unusually “Mama” (they normally find “Dada easier to say). I remember that feeling – I was so overjoyed!
  • Walking for the first time. This is quite pivotal, as when this happens they’re suddenly no longer a baby, but a little girl or a toddler. It’s fantastic to see.
  • Getting them to sleep at least most of the night. Onto the less schmaltzy and more practical – the sleep thing is a big sense of achievement not only for your sanity and relationship, but because you realise your children are content. They can go to sleep on their own – they feel safe, they don’t need you so much. This only comes with the sense of security you’ve given them (having said this, we’ve gone completely backwards in the past few days with three and a half year old who is tormenting Daddy and I by reappearing at the side of our bed at around 4am, whimpering “Daddeee, I want you to take me back to beeeeed!!” I’m hoping this is something to do with clocks and summertime.  If not I may have to leave home).
  • Seeing them become ‘them’. This is hard to describe, but I’m in constant amazement at my children’s independent characters. What did I expect – that they would be a clone of me? Nevertheless, it’s a privilege to watch their personality unfurl.
  • Our first activity together.  We do lots of activities and are always out and about.  But last year three year old and I baked together – and by together I mean she participated fully and understood what was happening each step of the way by listening and communicating.  It was only a few buns – but they tasted the best ever!
  • Laughter moments. I’ve got a whole raft of these in my Forget-me-not-Friday series. Those children are funny. My favourite is the Guinea Pig one.
  • Love messages. Even my sixteen month old can have a go at saying “I love you”. One day, three and a half year old even said “Mummy, I thank you a big lot for making my tea”. Where did that come from? Amazing.
  • What are your best Mum moments? I’d love to hear them. Happy Mother’s Day for this weekend!


    Working Mum of two, living in Didsbury, Manchester, in a house which breeds washing, mushed up raisins and various toys in the brightest primary colours. Oh, and the odd empty wine glass.

    15 thoughts to “Mother’s Day: best Mum moments”

    1. Awww it is SO surreal when you first meet your baby isn’t it? The rush of love post the most tiring moment of your life. Interesting to see Mothers Day stemmed from Lent. I didn’t know that

    2. Ooh these are so lovely, I can’t wait for my little man to be here so I can start experiencing these moments! I get kisses from my step son, but he’s not talking yet so I can’t wait for that too! pocolo

    3. One of my best moments of being a Muma was when my babies met for the first time and, now seeing them become best friends is a wonderful feeling. Xx happy Mother’s Day to you too. Have a great day. X

    4. It so hard to choose my best Mum moments because I think all of them are. My favourite two are finding out I was going to be a Mum, followed by finding out that my baby was ok following tests. A lovely post. Happy Mothers Day. Thank you for linking to PoCoLo x

    5. Grace says – AWESOME post.
      Lucas says – You forgot about the one where we ask for our first packet of Haribo!!! COOL post though and I know the Mother got all misty eyed as she was reading it!!

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