Curiosity and questions age 3

Questions: being three and being curious

Questions and curiosity at age 3

Curiosity has its own reason for existing. At least according to Albert Einstein. Recently, I’ve noticed that my three year old (three and a half now, almost) is asking LOTS of questions and it caused me to reflect on her curiosity.

I find many of her questions difficult to answer! Take “Mummy, where do the clouds come from?” for example, just as I was in the middle of changing my sixteen month old’ s nappy. Panicking slightly as I thought I really did not have the foggiest, I did manage to dredge up some high school Geography (I wrote GCSE Geography at first there, then realised that nope, I didn’t even take GCSE in this horrendously dull subject) and waffled about rain and water vapour and even managed to get something about the sea and mountains in there, which was probably wrong.  Three year old accepted it thoughtfully and proceeded to her next endeavour.

I wanted to keep on record some of the questions my three year old has asked – and it makes for interesting reading.   It shows how her mind is spontaneously curious about just anything she sees. Here are some from the past week or so:

  1. Where does the sun go when it’s night?
  2. What was your grandma’s name?
  3. Are there things to play with in cat heaven?
  4. Why do we have eyebrows?
  5. Why don’t I have boobies?
  6. Why does Daddy go to work? (Reminder here that Mummy does go to work sometimes!)
  7. Why is it morning time?
  8. Where have the clouds come from?/Where does the cold come from?
  9. Why do people have driveways?
  10. What are the yellow lines for in the road/What are the white lines for?
  11. How would we walk without legs or feet?

The last one had me in stitches – I have no idea where that came from!

I’ve been reading a lot recently about brain development and how so much of it – in fact pretty much all if you view it on a graph over a lifespan – occurs before the age of 5, peaking around age 3. I think I’m seeing this so much right now – I can almost see her little brain making connections and synapses forming.

It’s so hard looking after young children and yet so dauntingly important. I’d better read up on my geography as I want to have those answers to hand for her!

Any ideas on the “why is it morning time?” one?!


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