Making bathtime fun again (Finding Nemo Soft and Gentle Bubbly Bath: review)


I can’t shout loudly enough about how wonderful it is to see my two girls having bathtime fun together. They’re three and one and, for these two gigglers, bathtime is a great source of hilarity and giddiness.

This is a recent phenomenon for us. My three year old suffers from eczema and it’s only due to some recent appointments with a great dermatologist that she can have a bath without any discomfort. Previously, we were struggling along by whipping her in and out as fast as we could, whereas now she can splash along with one year old to her heart’s content!

Bathtime fun with H&A Finding Nemo Soft and Gentle Bubbly Bath

Now that they are happily drenching me in splash-overspill every evening, I’m always on the lookout for products that will enhance their fun whilst being as gentle as possible to skin.

And what makes a good bath? Bubbles!!

We were recently given the chance to review Finding Nemo Soft and Gentle Bubbly Bath by H&A.  It seemed to fit the bill from the description – hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested.  It’s not garishly coloured and is more or less odourless – it doesn’t smell like the most synthetic strawberry on the planet, for example.

Most importantly for my two, it produced loads of bubbles and left them feeling and smelling fresh and clean.  The amount of fun children get from bubbles in the bath is quite something.  My girls seem to particularly like grabbing a handful and shouting “POOF!!” as they blow it into smithereens.  They cover each other’s heads in it.  My head gets covered, too.

Bubbles can even prompt rhyme-making, it would seem.  My three year old’s latest bubbles rhyme consists of “bubbles, troubles, bubbles troubles” which she sings to the tune of the Peppa Pig theme (if you try and do this yourself it doesn’t work, I’ve discovered.  It must be a special three year old talent!).

Bathtime fun with H&A Finding Nemo Soft and Gentle Bubbly BathWhat’s great about a fun bathtime is that it helps them wind down before bed, easing the path towards storytime and the slumber that’s often very welcome so I can go and collapse on the couch.

H&A have developed a range of Toddler Bathtime products based around friendly characters such as Nemo and Minnie Mouse, and including bubble bath, shampoo and bathtime buddies such as squirty ducks (got to get us some of those!) and bath books. They’re not expensive either – the bubble bath is £1.50 for example.

We’d like to be part of the H&A Bathtime Fun Squad so that we can continue our bathtime fun journey now that we’re enjoying it so much again! Who knows where their bathtime imagination might lead?

Disclosure: H&A are the new sponsors of parent bloggers network Tots100 this year which is very exciting news! This is my entry for their competition to become part of their Bathtime Fun Squad, which would enable me to try out more great products and probably listen to more of my three year old’s singing in the bath. I was sent a free sample of the Finding Nemo Soft and Gentle Bubbly Bath to review as part of the competition. All opinions expressed are my own.

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4 thoughts to “Making bathtime fun again (Finding Nemo Soft and Gentle Bubbly Bath: review)”

  1. This sounds perfect for my boys, they both have eczema and my oldest hates to smell of such ‘girly things’ as strawberries or cherries. Thanks for linking up with #triedtested

  2. I LOVE bathtime in our house too 🙂 We are also blighted by the scourge that is eczema and so limit baths to once or twice a week now rather than the nightly event they used to be. Always good to hear of a bubbly bath that won’t irritate their skin! 🙂
    Thanks for linking up this week

  3. Lucas says – Bathtime is ALWAYS fun so I think it’s really cool that your girls have found something that they can use and doesn’t cause any further boo boo’s. Must remind the Mother to put this on her shopping list – next tot he Haribo off course!!! #TriedTested

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