Legoland Manchester: review

Last week, those great guys at Carcraft gave us a fab opportunity to take a trip to Legoland Manchester one rainy afternoon.

My girls, aged three and one, have taken a big winter virus hit recently so it was nice to be able to get out of the house with the prospect of some very exciting activities at Legoland.

The centre is really easy to find- it’s at Barton Square in the Trafford Centre. Great parking (Christmas shoppers aside!) and ease of access, which is always a bonus when you’re lugging prams and bottomless ‘Mary Poppins’ changing bags around!

We were greeted by Dr Brick, a really friendly character who the girls were immediately in awe of! He explained to the girls how the Lego bricks are made, with his colourful machinery.

I thought this was a really nice touch – it must have seemed so magical for them. He asked three year old to pull some levers, press buttons and jump up and down and out popped some special Christmas bricks!

We then entered Legoland through a set of huge colourful doors and were shown onto a ride. Even one year old was allowed on this ‘shoot em up’ laser ride – she sat next to me with my arm around her. They were beside themselves with excitement at shooting the ‘baddies’!

We entered the main area. I was immediately struck by how much there is to do here!

Firstly, there are large areas with pre-built Lego models. Including the Big Ben? Now, I used to like Lego but I could not fathom how this was done.

There’s a cafe, where we had lunch. I found the pricing here reasonable. We bought a kids lunch box (sandwich, drink, fruit and crisps), the obvious latte for me and a toastie and we shared the lot which came to £12.99.

There are huge pools of Lego arranged by primary colour, which are great for the children to just wallow in and build whatever they like.

Crucially, there is a car-building area, which brings me onto a creation which we are sure Carcraft will be most proud of…

We honestly built this all on our own. With no knowledge of cars (other than that they have wheels and a seat) whatsoever.

There’s so much to do here that we didn’t have time to fit it all in.

There are other rides, one of which I was able to go on with three year old. You pedal and your seat rises higher and higher – great fun for three year old (and, er good exercise for me).

There’s a Lego kitchen area which was a BIG hit, particularly because it contains a karaoke machine…

…and when I tore three year old away from practicing for her future stardom, we were able to explore an area with oversized bricks that one year old loved.

Legoland also has a giant climbing frame and soft play area – always a hit with my two. A hit for me, too as I can watch three year old (it’s next to the cafe) whilst drinking more coffee.

My two had a great time. I think it’s well worthwhile checking out their offers on their website. Tickets range from £12, but as I live nearby I’m seriously considering their annual family pass for £90.

Of course we couldn’t leave the Trafford Centre without wishing for sweets via the fountain outside…


Disclaimer: We received free tickets to Legoland in return for this review. All opinions expresses are my own.


Working Mum of two, living in Didsbury, Manchester, in a house which breeds washing, mushed up raisins and various toys in the brightest primary colours. Oh, and the odd empty wine glass.

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