Bathroom design, told by my 3 year old #3

An avalanche of dust. That’s what our house is currently like. But it’ll all be worth it in the end, as my three year old wisely says.  This is an update to her previous thoughts on the new en suite and main bathroom (and other work) we’re now in the middle of.

This week, the workmen have been in my house.  There is a lot of dust.  Mummy keeps getting the mop out and filling up the bucket with water and saying “Oh!”  lot.

We’ve also been doing vacuuming a lot.  I like vacuuming so I asked if we could do it again.  I like holding the handle myself though Mummy says it slows her down.

The vacuum broke which made Mummy sad.

The workmen put a hole in the wall and put a new boiler in it.  The hole is going to have a little door on it and you can crawl inside then stand up inside like a hidey space, though Mummy says I’m not allowed as I might get lost.

Mummy says we have hot water all the time now.  Before, it sometimes used to run out when she was running her bath.  This made her sad, too.

We have another radiator in the lounge as well as the first one.  My Daddy says it’s a lot warmer.  My Grandad says it has “bloody transformed” it.

Daddy says that the workmen are coming back to put the new bathroom in.  I hope they leave more dust and dirt so we can vacuum again and again!


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