Ten things that seriously deplete my energy levels


  • Small-child induced lack of sleep. The other night, I was up every hour with my one year old as she had a virus and couldn’t settle. The next day, I was sooooo tired I nearly fell asleep in the GP surgery, I craved sugar all day and then in the evening seriously considered a Dominos pizza to make me feel better. I resisted, knowing full well that the cheesy delights of the pizza actually means negative vitamin points and would serve to make me even more tired. I had salmon instead. It didn’t taste as nice.
  • Pesky viruses. I mean, seriously. Has no-one discovered a cure for the common cold yet? Nobody?! I am a great believer that the common cold and its sidekicks – the chest and ear infection, the hacking cough and sinusitis, cause untold suffering in the world today. Currently, I am cold-free, despite the rest of my family suffering badly. I am touching wood with every available limb as I write this.
  • Forgetting about myself. This is easily done, and a great energy-zapper. I have two children aged three and under and my days are spent ensuring they are happy, fed, watered, bathed and occupied. Too often, I realise that I’ve forgotten to eat breakfast or lunch. I end up grabbing a piece of cake or a hunk of cheese from the fridge to keep me going. Not good – I know perfectly well how I should be eating in order to keep myself healthy (and it doesn’t include Dominos pizza!).
  • Workplace politics. What is it about workplaces and their little cultures? Whether it be an office that you work in, or an organisation as a whole, every working environment develops its own politics, from arguments over excessive use of communal milk to who arrives two minutes late from lunch on a regular basis. The gossip element can be fun for a gossip loving blogger here, but on the other hand, I work part-time and need to get on with it. The repetitive element of the day-to-day politics can be very draining.
  • Prolonged whinging sounds. Oh that sound. I love my children to bits, and I also realise that crying or screaming is often the only way they know how to express themselves at such as young age. However, the adult brain is wired NOT TO LIKE THAT SOUND. It begins, quite low. Then the child does not get what they want immediately. It grows, and grows and it takes all your energy to stop yourself from snapping, and to find a way to distract or placate your child. I’m tired just thinking about it!
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  • Bullies. Bullies are everywhere. I was briefly bullied at school but nothing compared to some – I got off lightly. There are bullies in the workplace and bullies amongst our friends, whether you realise it or not. They want to bend you to their will, or just make themselves feel better by belitting something you have said or done. I’m not saying I’m surrounded by a bevvy of bullies, but sometimes I realise that my energy has been depleted by thinking over and over about someone else’s actions towards me that day.
  • Excessive lifting of heavy small children. Small children are heavy. We also tend to have a ‘preferred side’ to carry them on, resulting in shoulder or back pain on that side – or in my case, a thumb strain! It doesn’t last forever of course as our children become increasingly independent of our weary attempts to carry them frequently, but I do often realise at the end of the day that I feel like I’ve run a marathon or lifted a fork lift truck.
  • Lack of organisation. Having a family is one long string of events which require organisation, whether it is scheduling the weekly shop, remembering birthday parties and present buying, school applications, doctor’s appointments and picking up prescriptions, making sure the washing is done… the list is endless actually. I do tend to have an organisation plan that works. It’s very basic – a simple ‘to do’ list kept on my iPhone which I know I have with me at all times. However I do sometimes let it slip and realise I’m feeling wildly out of control and exasperated.
  • Taking too much on. This leads on nicely to my tendency to take too much on. I want to see everyone, I want to help out, I want to go to events. Then I end up double booking myself or realising I’m too tired and subsequently let people down, which in turns leads to feelings of guilt – a huge energy-drainer. Each new year I decide I will not take too much on for myself – maybe next year I’ll stick to it!
  • Watching the news. Ah – the ultimate energy-drainer and depressant. I recently wrote about this here and I’m still trying to find a way to read the good news and avoid the bad. Let me know if you’ve found one…
  • To be shortly followed by ten things which seriously raise my energy levels – hurrah!



    Working Mum of two, living in Didsbury, Manchester, in a house which breeds washing, mushed up raisins and various toys in the brightest primary colours. Oh, and the odd empty wine glass.

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    1. Wow. Completely agree with all points! I’m in such a similar situation, although I’d have to add husband ( my 3rd child) to that list lol
      As for the news, I turn over to reality shows such as the Kardashians to get away from reality! I can’t cope with the real news, it’s too sad.

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