Dear Children’s Parties…you’re fun but boy I’m beat


This weekend saw the event of the year – a joint birthday party for my daughters, who turned three and one this month.

The party was great fun and they loved it, but, to sum up my feelings in a brief rhetorical letter:

Dear Children’s Parties,

You completely knacker me out.

Yours with aching bones and burning feet,

Expression and Confession

The price of a happy party is obviously to end the day feeling like you’ve run a marathon with a fridge strapped to your back.

But it’s definitely worth it. Our joint party for our two girls involved:

  • Two home-made cakes – ballerina and giraffe-themed (okay, I only made the giraffe cake but it did seem to take me three days.
  • A lovely party tea for twenty-five children, which superseded an interesting trip to the supermarket the previous day with three year old and one year old in tow (we got told off twice by strangers…don’t ask).
  • Hand-filled loot bags full of musical toys and various treats.
  • A bouncy castle. Speaks for itself. Bouncy castle = pre-school child heaven.
  • A great dancing session for the children by Miss Laura of Baby Ballet fame.
  • Thirty pink and purple balloons, picked up from a shop earlier that day, pre-filled and stuffed into my Yaris.
  • Lots of setting up/tidying up, coffee and tea making for the adults and general rushing around.
  • A marathon present opening session, once at home.

You know it’s been a good children’s party when the children start falling over each other and having the odd tiredness-induced tantrum near the end.

It was a magical day – but I’m glad it’s only once a year!

…*falls asleep*…


Working Mum of two, living in Didsbury, Manchester, in a house which breeds washing, mushed up raisins and various toys in the brightest primary colours. Oh, and the odd empty wine glass.

24 thoughts to “Dear Children’s Parties…you’re fun but boy I’m beat”

  1. Sounds like you put together a great party!

    I can relate though with the tiredness! My little ones birthdays are both in November (only 3 days apart from each other to boot) and every year after their joint party I am exhausted!

    But it won’t be long until they come to the conclusion that combined Thomas The Tank/My Little Pony parties aren’t cool anymore, and I’m sure that having two separate parties in one month will be way more trying, than cramming it all into one. So I try to appreciate it now! LOL

    Great post, SO relatable! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I just had my two year old’s birthday party yesterday, and I know what you mean by the marathon tiredness! But the kids must have had a wonderful time – love the giraffe cake! #MagicMoments

  3. I am SO with you on this – and you did it for two children?!!! I managed to get off the childrens party circuit with Grace last year and gave her a build a bear party limiting it to 5 friends! Plan to do the same again ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for linking to PoCoLo x

  4. Does sound like you hosted an amazing kids party and the Giraffe looks amazing!! I think they can tire you out but are worth it when you see how happy all the kids are and how much of a good time they are having.

    Kate H xx

  5. Phew! Sounds like you had a busy time! Last time we had a birthday party, we invited close family and the kids’ friends. The weather was glorious, so all the adults ended up sat outside in the sun and I was stuck indoors playing blind man’s buff and organising pass the parcel for all the rabble in the house! We had a great time though so that’s what counts, but I was exhausted by the end of it!

  6. I’m dreading having to do a party for my soon to be 3 year old and that’ll be half the numbers (his b’day’s in January, but given it’ll clash with those of all his NCT friends’ and there’s always the threat of snow cancellation, I’m going to do the party in May (and hopefully turf all the kids out into the garden!). You’re v brave doing a joint one but I guess it gets it out of the way in one #PoCoLo #Magicmoments

  7. Amazing how much those parties take out of you huh? I’m wimping out of having one for Lil Miss next week! I will spend hours making her a cake though!! Happy belated birthday to your girls too ๐Ÿ™‚ x

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