Easybelts: review


I have a problem. Well, it’s not really a problem in that way, but it does trouble me.

My three-year-old daughter will not wear trousers.

She has an entire drawer full of gorgeous trousers and jeans, of all different colours and patterns, often with matching tops and she flatly refuses to wear them!

She’ll only wear dresses or skirts (and even skirts are occasional to be honest) which of course she looks really lovely in, but I would like to see her in trousers or jeans from time to time.

Not only is it a bit of a change, it’s more practical sometimes to wear something other than tights or “leggings tights” as I must call them, under a dress.

So, musing on this one day, I came across a company called Easybelts.


My attention was firstly caught by the range of and attractiveness of the belts – some with flowers, butterflies, rainbows or hearts for girls, for example.

I started to think “hmmm…if I got one of these, maybe I could entice three-year-old to a wear some lovely jeans..”

Reading more, I saw that the belts are designed to enable children or young people to manage their own belt, via a simple velcro mechanism which replaces the buckle-pin. The velcro strip simply slips through the D-shape buckle and folds back on itself to secure the belt.

The belts were designed by a Kay Heffernan, who lost patience with the traditional belt fastener and designed her own for her four year old to enable him to be confident and independent when dressing. Since then, her belt design has grown to include school uniform belts and young people and adults who may struggle with a traditional belt fastener due to disabilities.

The grand belt-unveiling

I knew these belts sounded good, but I didn’t have high hopes for trouser-wearing heaven due to having a very stubborn three-year-old.

I decided not to make a big deal of it. I nonchalantly carried the parcel when it arrived into my daughter’s bedroom one morning and placed it on her dresser.

“What’s that?” she said, in sudden curious mode.

“Oh, I don’t know, shall we look?”, I said, before unwrapping the belt which was pink – her favourite colour – with a lovely flower motif.

Three-year-old was interested. Very interested.

“Can I wear it, Mummy?”

“Well, you could but you don’t really like wearing trousers and they have to be worn with trousers”…I effect a sigh of resignation…”oh well, we’ll save it for your baby sister for when she’s big enough”.

Cue desperate pleas of trouser-wearing insistence! Hurrah! As the photo proves – she wore the belt with a pair of pink, cord trousers.

The mechanism of the belt is really easy for her to use. She was delighted that she could undo the belt and re fasten it on her own for toilet trips, for example.

Now that she has actually worn trousers a few times, I realise that we needed a belt for practical purposes – children this age have growth spurts and suddenly go taller and slimmer, then fill out again. Her trousers and jeans would have simply fallen down without a belt.

Dresses are still the fave with this three-year-old, but the Easybelt has been a big help.

I would definitely recommend it as a safe, easy belt to use for young children, and having seen the mechanism in practice, I’m sure it would be very useful for young people and adults.

Easybelts are available via the Easybelt site or on Amazon Uk

Disclaimer: I received a belt to trial free of charge, but was under no obligation to review. All opinions expressed are truthful and my own. In my desperation for a trouser-wearing three-year-old, I probably would have bought one anyway.


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