Six months later…blogging with passion

“It feels like two bloody years” said my partner, Mr EC.

I thought this was quite an apt quote to begin this post with, as it’s true – blogging has become a passion that’s infiltrated my world in ways I didn’t expect.

I wrote my first blog post on the 25th March, entitled Once upon a time…

Since then I’ve written a total of 116 blog posts. That’s roughly 4 or 5 per week!

A few thoughts on my journey to date:


  • Blogging is not only an addiction, but a life-changing vehicle. This is what Mr EC was referring to. I blog in the bath. I surreptitiously check my phone/iPad for blog-related tweets when we’re watching TV. He’ll be telling me about his day at work and my eyes will glaze over as something he’s said causes a flash of electrical activity in my new blog-wired brain as it assesses how this new information could impact on blogging life (well he does work in an SEO-related field – that’s Search Engine Optimisation for non-bloggers).

    Further to that, I’ve made lots of new friends – whole new world of friends and colleagues, in fact. Some I’ve met in person, many I have not. As with any new wide circle of friends, I know there’ll be some I’ll remain in contact with forever.

  • Those bloggers – they can be a competitive, innovative, inspirational and opportunistic bunch! Speaking of this new world, it’s a multifaceted arena of personal thoughts and experiences, advice and guidance, product reviews, brand links, competitions and giveaways, services such as downloadable Ebooks…and I’m sure there’s plenty more I haven’t mentioned here. If I sit down to read a few posts, I can start by entering a bloggers competition for a product and end by reading a tear-inducing post about one woman’s grief.
  • It’s ever-changing. This is what I’m finding exciting about the blogging. I don’t know where it will lead and don’t know if I ever will, as when it does lead somewhere, that somewhere will then lead to another somewhere. Opportunities to link up with other bloggers, to guest-write, to be sponsored to attend a conference, who knows? Am I the next Will Taylor? Most probably not, but you never know!
  • Most interestingly for me, I’ve discovered aspects of myself that we’re obviously crying out for some of the limelight and weren’t getting it until blogging came along.

    For example – I can sit down, think “it’s six months since I started blogging, I really should write something”, feel completely uninspired, and then as soon as I write the word “the” the words start to flow. Before I know it, I have at least a 500 word post.

    I’m not bleating about my writing here – I’ve no idea whether it’s any good or not – just that I had no idea this word thing was possible.

    On that note – those of you who are thinking about blogging but think you have no inspiration, just do it! It’ll be surprising, believe me…

    “You only fail if you stop writing” – Ray Bradbury


    1. I totally agree, blogging as taken on a whole new world for me. Although I am a freelance writer by heart, somehow conversing with other bloggers… well it’s kinda like writing a journal everyday, only the world gets a glimpse at what your day was like!

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