QV Skincare for itchy and dry skin conditions: review

Recently, we were given the chance to review a new range of products for itchy skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis from QV Skincare.


To date, I haven’t written much about my nearly-three-year-old’s eczema, mainly because it’s shockingly difficult to deal with and painful to even write about.

It seems so unfair that a child so young should have to deal with this condition. At times I’ve felt angry – I fear that it may spoil her childhood.

October is National Eczema Awareness Month. I aim to write a more detailed post about our experiences to coincide with this and help raise awareness of this debilitating condition.

Until I do, I’ll just say that we’re at a point where we’ll try anything to help ease our daughter’s constant itching and dry, irritated and inflamed skin.

So we jumped at the chance to try these products.

I should say however that our daughter is on a number of medications which we used alongside our new QV products, including antihistamines, steroid creams and antimicrobial washes.

The most important thing in treating eczema is emollient therapy. In eczema, the skin can’t retain water vapour and dries out, causing the itch-scratch cycle to begin.

So we used the QV products as our emollient therapy. Mr EC, who also suffers from eczema (though less severely in his adulthood) also gave them a go. Here’s how we got on.

We were sent a generous amount of products, including:

  • Intensive ointment
  • Dry skin cream
  • Skin lotion
  • Gentle skin wash
  • Bath oil
  • The products arrived with a selection of leaflets telling the eczema story by a colourful and appealing children’s character called Qool Vince! These immediately caught nearly-three-year-old’s eye and I sat and explained to her about the itch-scratch cycle and importance of moisturisation using these leaflets. It’s important to teach self-care for children as soon as possible, so these were really handy.


    For nearly-three-year-old, I went straight to the intensive ointment to try. We applied it after washing and before any medical creams such as steroid.

    The first thing I noticed about the ointment is that it applies very smoothly, making it easy to get all over coverage very quickly. It moisturises very well and this seems to last for a long time – useful when we’re out and about and don’t want to keep stopping to reapply.

    I kept the dry skin cream in my bag for any top ups needed during the day. A point to note here is that nearly-three-year-old, being a wilful sort, usually hates anything of the ‘cream’ variety (don’t ask me why!). I guess she’s trying to exert some control over what’s happening to her, and this is her way. Yet she doesn’t mind having this cream applied at all!

    It also definitely calms her itching, which is a result. You see, once she starts to itch, she scratches and itches even more. And believe me, there’s no point telling a thee-year-old not to scratch. We have to stop it fast, whether it’s via cream or ointment application or wearing gloves or scratch sleeves. The dry skin cream is certainly a hit.

    Nearly-three-year-old hates baths or washing with a vengeance and understandably so as the water stings her skin. I only tried the gentle wash a couple of times as we usually use our prescription antimicrobial wash – but it didn’t sting her and seems to create a barrier for when the water touches her skin, which is great.

    We usually apply our wash, then rinse off with a bowl of water and a flannel. I’ve been adding a drop or two of the bath oil to the water and this seems to soften the water and provide a bit of extra moisturisation.

    Mr EC has been using the wash every day in the shower and really likes it. As I mentioned previously, he only eat the occasional outbreak now, mainly on his face, but he likes to keep on top of it to avoid any flare ups. He’s also tried the skin lotion and found that this cleared up a persistent dry patch on his cheek.

    Overall, I think this product range is great and firmly recommend it to sufferers. We have seen improvement in our daughters skin. There’ll never be a cure, and as I stated we also use prescription steroids and washes, but her skin is noticeably less inflamed and more comfortable. She also ‘accepts’ the products, as a nearly-three-year-old who knows her own mind!

    If you’d like to try the products, QV have kindly provided a discount code for my readers to use – it’s MUMMY13 and will give you 15% off the entire QV range at http://www.crawfordhealthcare.com/skincare/qv/.


    Disclaimer: I received these goods free of charge, but was under no obligation to write a review. I probably would have tried the range anyway.


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