Peace at last: 24 hours without the small ones

In my very first blog post back in March, I wrote about how the hard physical and emotional work involved in being a mother of two left me craving ‘mental space’ – just some time (only a little bit – please!) to think without the relentless whirring of childcare related thoughts.

This weekend, Mr EC and I got a whole day and night away, in a hotel and spa, CHILD FREE, for the first time since our first daughter was born three years ago. So, did I get my much sought-after mental space?


Mr EC’s Mum kindly looked after both our girls overnight. We dropped them off in the morning and headed out for our adventure of lunch in a gorgeous restaurant, check in at a great hotel, use of their fab spa facilities, treatments and dinner in the hotel restaurant.

I’m used to being constantly on the go both physically and mentally – my mind always thinking ahead to what task needs to be done next, what I can get done in advance to save time later. It’s always about time – is there ever enough?

So it’s interesting to reflect, now we’re home, on how long it took for my mind to relax.

Here’s a brief run down of my state of mind throughout the day.


Complete panic trying to get everyone ready in time to get in the car (despite the fact I had everything packed the previous evening).


Even higher state of panic as, upon arriving at mother-in-laws, we discover an entire carton of baby milk has split open all over the boot of the car. Mr EC is despatched to buy more milk. A clean up operation commences. We finally set off.


We arrive at our lunch venue and have a great meal. I have a large glass of wine to recover from the morning trauma. I start to relax slightly, but I’m still on edge, ears pricked for sounds of children wanting me, inadvertently glancing around to see if there are any highchairs, then realising WE DON’T NEED ONE!


Arrive at hotel and discover our room is lovely. We go and use the spa -pool, jacuzzi and steam rooms. I can feel tension leaving me, but I’m still clock watching, thinking we need to have our treatments at 4pm.


Deep tissue back massage, each. Boy, those massages HURT! But I can definitely say that by the end of the treatment, my back and neck felt great and I was finally, completely relaxed. My mind was not thinking anymore. It had slowed down, felt warm and, well, spacious!

Peace at last, and peacefulness together. We’ll definitely be doing it again (begs for more babysitting…).

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  1. Love this. It is soooooo lovely to be a couple again and really get to properly relax and have an uninterrupted conversation! your mil is an absolute diamond! x

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