Blog every day in August: Today I ate

This month I am taking part in Yummy Mummy in Training’s ‘Blog every day in August’ challenge. Read all my posts to date here.

Day 30 is ‘today I ate’.

I was dreading this theme as I feel that my diet overall has badly deteriorated since having my second daughter.

I obviously put them first and often realise I’ve forgotten to have lunch myself, or I’ll grab a cereal bar for breakfast. I’m definitely not eating enough fruit and veg.

However, janmily, today has been a reasonably good day for eating.

Here’s what I ate:

  • Porridge, with sliced banana.
  • Some hummus, pitta and olives.
  • An apple.
  • A couple of chocolate chip biscuits (well I’ve got to have some sugar).
  • Five cups of coffee (eeek! This is terrible, I know! Must cut down).
  • Several glasses of water, probably because I was so dehydrated from the coffee!
  • Finally, we are about to tuck into this:
  • 20130830-195710.jpg

    I was quite the domestic goddess this afternoon. I made chicken tikka, plain roasted chicken for the girls, a curry sauce, and roasted spiced veg. What’s missing from the photograph is that I’m about to cook some Indian paneer cheese for myself (veggie).

    I hope you’re all eating something fine this evening!

    Oh, and we’ll be having a glass of wine or two.

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