Blog every day in August: What’s on your mind?

This month I am taking part in Yummy Mummy in Training’s ‘Blog every day in August’ challenge. Read all my posts to date here.

Day 29 is ‘what’s on your mind?’

What’s on my mind today? Well apart from the usual “why am I so tired?”, “when is it bedtime?” and “how on earth do I cure my daughter’s eczema?” it has surprisingly been…


Christmas always creeps up on me, and every year I say to myself “I won’t do this again next year.” I tell myself I’ll buy my presents throughout the year, get my food list sorted very early, keep on top of general house tidiness ready for visiting family.

It’s nearly the end of August and although I haven’t bought any presents throughout the year, at least I’ve started to think about it, namely:


Where will we buy our Christmas tree this year? We normally buy a locally sourced tree, and decorate it ourselves. This year, nearly-three year old will be able to help.


Argh!! How many presents do I need to buy this year? What would my children like? What would Mr EC like? Men are particularly hard to buy for, I always think.


What size turkey to buy? This always causes some debate each year. We usually have seven adults plus children. I think we went for 13.5 pounds last year, but as we’re a family that enjoys leftovers, we may have to go even bigger.


The sprinkling of fairy dust on Christmas Eve! I love this, and nearly-three-year-old will be captivated with it this year.


I think nearly-three-year-old will understand a lot more about the story of Father Christmas this year. I think she will be on pins about whether or not “he’s been” yet.


Finally, I’ve got to keep on top of the cleaning! I know it’s ages off yet, but knowing us, we’ll suddenly key realise come Christmas Eve that the place is an utter tip and run around like headless, well turkeys, trying to clean and tidy.

I’m excited for Christmas already- get me!

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