Five favourite things that get me through a “bad Mummy” day

Bad Mummy

We all have those days. You’re woken up several times in the night by one child or other. You’re defeated by 6am and think “sod it, I may as well get up”. Two-year-old is in a bad mood due to not enough sleep and is very demanding all day, a cacophony of toddler-screeching that makes your ears say “please can I have tinnitus, instead?”. Baby is teething and won’t let you put her down. You stub your toe. At that moment two-year-old has a toilet accident and screams even more.

Yes…is a ‘bad Mummy’ day! The days when there are frequent moments that you feel being a parent is just, well, bad.

All is not lost! I was texting a friend the other day, saying “I don’t know how I got through the day!” I discovered there are five things that do just that:

  1. Coffee. I recently wrote about my extreme coffee love in my post 37 things. Coffee has always been my pick-me-up of choice, and in some of the more fraught and tired moments, it both calms and reenergises me, provides comfort and motivation.
  2. Sugar. I’ve previously wittered about sugar’s emerging role in my life as a parent, here and here. Sugar provides a boost to the blood sugar levels at just the right moment. It’s stupidly unhealthy – at the time of eating it, I know perfectly well I should be eating a banana instead – but it works. Plus it’s not forever, surely?
  3. Friends in similar state of chaos. It helps to spend at least part of the day with friends who also have children and who know perfectly well what it can be like – the good days and the bad days. Being in the company of those who also have children that can turn into demon monsters at any given moment makes me feel so much better hahahaha *evil cackle*!
  4. Moments of bliss. Even on a ‘bad Mummy’ day as described above, there are moments of pure pleasure. I’ll suddenley realise that ten-month-old is trying to say a new word, or that the two girls are sat playing together nicely. Two-going-on-three-year-old will say something that has me in hysterics (“THAT MAN OVER THERE’S GOT HIS BIG TUMMY OUT!”), or she will show me some of her new trampoline moves. These moments may be fleeting on such a day, but their energy-boosting power gives you a lot of strength to keep going. It’s what it’s all for.
  5. This too shall pass. I’ve been fond of repeating this mantra, recently. Four words, but with so much meaning. The difficult periods, for example the few weeks when my then 5 week old had colic, do pass. At the end of those periods, you can sit back and reflect – and feel pride that you got through it and everything’s ok.

I’m at a stage where days can be tough – relentless, all-consuming, tiring, draining, yet rewarding, thrilling, happy and meaningful. How can any day be all of those things?


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18 thoughts to “Five favourite things that get me through a “bad Mummy” day”

  1. Hahahaha what on earth does it say about us when number 1 of both our lists is coffee?!?! LOVE IT! This too shall pass is an absolute gem of a mantra and one that also helps me get through sometimes and it is sooooo true 🙂 Love this post as I can totally and utterly identify with it!

  2. ‘This to shall pass’ who ever came up with this, I want to hug them! When you are so involved in a stressful situation, this immediately puts things into a much more approachable perspective and I don’t even have kids.
    I hope I did this linky thing properly, although as I’m not self hosted yet I couldn’t do 3 and 4. a

    Do you have any tips on who to pay to get my blog self hosted, so I can join affiliate programs and have (very) selected adds etc?

  3. “this too shall pass” is definitely a ‘quote’ to live by, its so comforting! why can i not drink coffee? i think im one of the only mums who doesn’t drink it! im totally with u on sugar tho! x

  4. So, so true! Yesterday was one of those days, and even a large slice of homemade chocolate cake didn’t ease the pain of the constant fighting and screeching! But, as you say, this too shall pass, and today they’re both being lovely again!! #Britmums #MyBestPost

  5. when they are diddy like this, you have to remember alot of it is just a phase… The teething, the sleepless nights. You have to just be consistent, stand your ground and keep those guidelines firm so the little people know where they stand. These phases do pass. And if you fear the potty training, you just have to grit your teeth, go cold turkey and you will come out the other side… there may be some accidents along the way, but the little people do learn and those changing bags over your shoulder will, at some point, become a faint distant memory. Then you are on to the next stage… lugging their scooter everywhere! x

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