Blog every day in August: 5 favourite blogs

This month I am taking part in Yummy Mummy in Training’s ‘Blog every day in August’ challenge. Read all my posts to date here.

Day 17 is ‘5 favourite blogs’.

Firstly, I should give a shot out to my #bloggirls, who are Hodge Podge Days, We3three, AtoZ Mummy and myself. We’re a group of friends who live locally to each other and blog on a wide variety of topics including recipes, competitions, cultural insights and mental health issues.

For the purposes of this post, I decided to choose 5 other blogs that I have recently encountered and now read avidly. They are:

  • Single Mother Ahoy!. I came across this blog via twitter one afternoon recently when I was off work ill. I proceeded to spend the entire afternoon reading it! Single Mother Ahoy! blogs about her experiences in an abusive relationship, becoming a single mother unexpectedly, mental health issues and her experiences as a budding writer. She’s a really talented writer and I never miss her posts.
  • Simply the nest. Simply the nest blogs about house renovation, DIY projects, recipes, interiors, and family life in a Victorian Manchester home. Being rubbish at anything of the sort myself, often read her blog for inspiration, or really just to sit and ponder on what it would be like to be able to actually do this stuff. Check out this post on a mural she hand painted for her daughter’s bedroom.
  • Images and words . This is a great photography blog by an old school friend of mine. The photographs are based around Burnley, my hometown, or taken on one of his many astronomy related trips to far climes (he’s also an astronomy teacher and writer) and are really amazing.
  • Kevin Musgrove’s Commonplaces. Apparently, Kevin Musgrove was born twice – once in 1933 and then again in 1937 and starred in the film “Make Me A Nice Cup of Tea and a Jam Lardy Pussycat”. I basically laugh a great deal at this satirical take on life working in the public sector, or just life in general. Take this post about his Father’s socks and his small niece’s view of them. Hilarious.
  • Heart Mammi. I came across this blog only recently. It’s a heart-warming, honest, yet lighthearted blog which begins at a 20 week scan when the author finds that her unborn child may have heart problems. We follow her throughout her pregnancy and get a glimpse into family life with her two other children. And, I believe she’s due very soon! Good luck, Heart Mammi!!

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