Bathroom design, told by my 2 year old (#2)

As my partner and I are rubbish at interiors, I decided that the best way to blog about our journey towards our new bathroom and en suite was through the eyes of my two-year-old. She tells it like it is, after all. Read the first instalment, here.

Well – we went back to the shop with the man in it and the sinks and big baths today.

I woke up in the car and did shout. Mummy said I had fallen asleep on the way there. I was a bit grumpy and only looked at the big bath once.

Mummy took some pictures of my baby sister looking in the mirrors at the shop. She looked grumpy, too, but Mummy was excited and doing her silly dances whilst Daddy was talking to the man.

Mummy likes the sparkly black tiles.

The man had done special drawings on the computer. I have my own laptop that sings songs and does letters. It’s better.

Mummy wants a big cupboard as she likes the ‘storage’. She wants to put all the towels in it. I have a purple towel.

Mummy likes this sink. Daddy “can’t get excited about it”. I like it as I can make a den.

Mummy says we’re keeping our big bath but Daddy is looking for new taps. Mummy can’t get excited about taps.

We get to go back to the shop again next week. I’m glad as I always get an ice-cream afterwards.


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