Bathroom design: told by my two-year-old (#1)


Recently, we’ve made the big decision to refurbish and decorate our bathroom. We are not interior design people. Or DIY people. Or even putting up lightbulbs people. Yet I do want to blog about our journey towards something resembling a decent bathroom (and en suite). I may post photos at a later date, when some progress has been made.

I decided that the best way to tell the tale was from my two-going-on-three-year-old’s point of view. She’s the only one with any common sense, after all.

Today, mummy and daddy took me and my baby sister to look at some shops. They weren’t like the normal shops. They didn’t have lollies.

We were in the car first and I was very hungry so Mummy gave me a cheese sandwich. Daddy did put his music on but I shouted because it was not loud enough.

The first shop had things called tiles and some toilets and big sinks and baths. We have a big bath at home. Mummy says it’s vit-tory-an. There’s a big shower at my house, too. I don’t like any of them.

That shop did have colouring in. I did colouring in and did a strawberry. Mummy liked some things called tiles and they were grey and had glitter in.

A man was talking to Daddy a lot and Daddy said to Mummy “let’s get out of here quick”.

We went in the car again and my baby sister had her lunch. I did fall asleep and Mummy said I had a banana in one hand and a breadstick in the other hand.

The next shop we were in for a long time. The man had the same name as my Daddy. Daddy did drawing for him and they were talking about the drawings.

I did some drawing on Mummy’s phone. I drew some ladders and a balloon.

A lady did make Mummy a cup of coffee and my baby sister sat on the floor and took things out of Mummy’s bag.

Mummy liked a big round sink with a big mirror at the top and towels underneath.

I got the towels and wrapped them round me like Mummy does. I did get in one of the big baths and I was making a big cake for Mummy and Daddy and playing peepo with my baby sister. The man did tell me to be careful with the bottles.

I got in a big shower and it had tiles with glitter like mummy likes. They were black. I liked these.

Then we said bye to the man and I shook his hand like Daddy does. My baby sister had some milk and a sleep in the car.

We played in the garden and I had pizza for my tea.

Daddy says we can go and see the man again next week.

This is my ladders and balloon on Mummy’s phone.


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