Double serum for double eye bags!

Thanks to a very generous partner, I am now the proud owner of this.

Oh wow. I’ve always been a sucker for a good moisturiser (I once caught a beautician referring to me as a ‘Roger Rabbit’. Apparently, this was beautician speak for ‘someone who will undoubtedly buy something’), and always tried to take care of my skin.

At this time in my life, however, boy do I need it! My previous post explained how sleep has drastically improved, recently. Yet the six months’ worth of sleep loss had already taken its toll. Tired = tired looking skin. Coupled with the enormous amounts of coffee I drink per day, this doesn’t make for a good skin/eye bag experience.

I have high hopes for this! I’ll let you know the results…


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3 thoughts to “Double serum for double eye bags!”

  1. Just wanted to leave an update. I SWEAR that since using this, several people have asked me what makeup I’m using, and each time I wasn’t wearing any?! Take it from me, this is miracle stuff.

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