A day at the spa: a review

Yesterday, I had the amazing good fortune to spend an entire day – yes that’s from 9am until actual tea time – at a local spa, whilst my partner looked after both children (he had a stunned look of residual terror on his face upon my return, but that’s another story..).

It took a while for my mind to relax (and I did get both children dressed, wrote my partner an itinerary, and prepared breakfast for all before I set off). When I arrived with my friend, my mind was still in that ‘argh! I must do everything really quickly and urgently in case one or other child needs feeding/wakes up etc.’ state. After a coffee whilst filling in the ‘how do you feel today?’ card (stressed?: yes. anxious?: yes. need to unwind?: yes), a mud treatment, and a long spell in the most amazing ‘deep relax’ room, my mind slipped into a relaxed state.

I thought it would be useful to review the things my mind chose to dwell on at this point. This was:

– my close friends’ personal lives
– school choices
– recipes
– the pop star Rhianna, and why she has chosen to get back with that rotter Chris Brown

*Aside*: I’m a friend of the bullet point. This is going to be a recurring theme of this blog.

What does this say about me?! Actually it probably shows that I wasn’t quite as relaxed as I thought. My mind is so used to flitting from one pressing issue to the other right now that it simply replaced the usual with the above.

However, a change is as good as a rest, they say! I still feel totally rejuvenated and refreshed. I thoroughly recommend a day at the spa to contemplate popstar plights and healthy eating!


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