Planning for 2016: Geronimo Festival!

geronimo festival 2016We’re well into the Christmas period here at the Expression house.  The tree was up about 3 weeks ago (!), my 5 and 3 year olds are on a constant up-and-down roller coaster of emotion and excitement and we’ve already had lots of Christmas events (more about those in another post, but in the meantime, fetch the sherry!).

It’s good to plan ahead when you have young children.  The festive period doesn’t last long and my mind is already wandering on to holidays and activities for next year.

So I’m pleased to announce that I’ve been chosen as an ambassador for the Geronimo Festival 2016. We had such a fantastic time at Geronimo earlier this summer that we can’t wait to go again. There were so many activities, it was a fantastic summer day at Tatton Park and my two girls were lucky enough to meet two of their heroes Cook and Line from CBeebies Swashbuckle.

The children’s festival will return in May 2016 at both Harewood House near Leeds on the 1st and 2nd and Tatton Park in Cheshire on the 29th and 30th.

There’s a huge programme of events lined up alongside an exciting array of acts, amazing experiences and lots of new attractions.

We can expect some of the biggest names in children’s entertainment, a brand new theatre and literary zone with award winning productions and a second stage featuring live music. There will be hundreds of other activities like giant Tortoise encounters, stone carving and a crime scene for kids to solve (my girls will love this!).

Here’s a sneak preview of what I know of the programme so far:

  • Mr Bloom will return to the Geronostage Zone
  • Favourite explorer, Andy Day will be performing his Dino Rap show filled with tales of his adventures to far away lands as well
  • Alex Winters from CBeebies will be hosting the main stage each day
  • Cook and Line from Swashbuckle will also make an appearance in a rip-roaring pirate adventure
  • The Adrenaline Zone will challenge even the bravest adventurers with tree climbing, den making and a thrilling zip line that will reach speeds of up to 60KPH
  • There will be fencing and archery taster lessons and Parkour sessions where Geronimites can learn how to jump and roll like a Pro
  • New for 2016 is the Arena Zone, an extravaganza of live displays featuring motorbike display teams, sheepdog shows and owls in a falconry show
  • In the Library Zone there will be dance classes to learn Bollywood or Zumba moves, a gigantic drumming session or for fans of Frozen, there will be a Frozen singalong and the talented Mr Yipadees show will be bringing instruments to life
  • We can catch award winning theatre productions in The Theatre Zone, with Pocket Story Theatre – winner of the primary times children’s choice awards at the Edinburgh Fringe.
  • A Circus Zone with a full circus show and Circus fudge will also be performing his show from Glastonbury festival
  • The Pasture Zone where kids of all ages can climb aboard for a ride on one of the donkeys or Shetland ponies. Crocodile Joe will be hosting his amazing reptile show and new for this year, there will be the largest collection of giant Tortoises coming to Geronimo
  • A 3ft and Under Zone, where little ones can join a fun class with Tumble Tots, take a ride on a balance bike or take a dance lesson with baby ballet. There’s also a baby yoga tent
  • A Bandstand Zone with popular acts on throughout the day
  • Funky Junk Zone with lots f craft workshops and activities
  • Fairground Zone with an old fashioned Helter Skelter, traditional carousel and steam powered swing chairs!

It’s a great family day out – we’re looking forward to it already.  Visit for tickets and prices.

Disclosure:  I was chosen to be an ambassador for GeronimoFest 2016 and will attend the event free of charge.  All opinions are my own. 

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A November Christmas Tree


November Christmas Tree
It’s not still November. Honest.

The thing about leaving your 5 and 3 year old in a room with a box of decorations and an erect Christmas tree is that 10 minutes later you may well return to a fully embellished tree – albeit with all decorations in a specific area at roughly waist height.
The thing about having a 5 and 3 year old in the first place is that your brain no longer has sufficient logic and memory functionality to remember that it isn’t almost the first week in December at all.

There were still 2 weekends left in November when we put our tree up.

Oh well. It was actually more of a palava than I remember. After spending some time ensuring the top of the tree didn’t feel left out, we attempted the lights. What a ball ache!! It takes two of you, doesn’t it? One has to stand holding the nether end of the lights so they don’t get tangled while the other tried to wrap them round the unforgiving branches.

If you’re a couple that’s not especially into DIY and who dread anything that requires a step-ladder, this isn’t good news and not necessarily conducive to ‘Christmas cheer’.

So, the upside of early treemanship is that it’s over and bloody done with, looks nice and we can sit and look at it, feeling smug.

And…it’s definitely Christmas now in the Expression and Confession house! The girls are bouncing off the walls with excitement and asking how many days until Father Christmas comes.  They love making their ‘den’ under the tree and they’ve also written their letters to Mr FC himself!

We’ve got quite a few Christmas activities planned already – Christmas here we come!


letters to santa
Father Christmas will thank us for being so early


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Halloween vs SpongeBob?

halloween pumpkinA quick ask of what my 5 and 3 year old like about Halloween and I get a few shouts of:

  • Making pumpkins
  • Dressing up
  • Going to Halloween parties
  • Dancing around at home (that obvious Halloween tradition)
  • Pumpkin soup (that they have never, ever eaten)

It’s a weird old thing isn’t it, Halloween? Without going into stuff about Pagans etc it’s well weird letting our kids dress up as zombies and witches for a day.  But hey- SpongeBob SquarePants is weird, too and mine are totally obsessed with the series! Which is weirder, I ask myself, as I remember an episode where Spongebob’s skin falls off, revealing his skeletal form?

I was going to begin a list of what we have planned for Halloween this year when I realised that I’ve also just started writing a Christmas list.  Huh? Isn’t Halloween usually over before Christmas panic settles in?

Christmas aside (it’s over 8 weeks away isn’t it??) and back into Halloween, we’ve carved our pumpkin and sorted two black cat costumes (not as much gore, actually look cute).  My two girls have 3 parties to go to and there’s 1 more in the offing.  Last weekend, they went to a Harvest festival which they loved and a good alternative to the Halloween weirdity.  There was live music, apple pressing and lots of activities for the kids.

And me at Halloween? I love nothing more than a good old psychological horror film – sat in the dark, box of milk tray and glass of wine in hand.  That’s what I’ll be doing!

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Parents evening shocker: she’s an angel 

IMG_1386Last week we had our first parents evening since our 5 year old started Reception.

I know that she’s happy at school.  Every day she enters with a smile on her face and every home time she leaves positively beaming.  Her reading in particular is coming on so fast she’s spotting words and sentences on her own when we’re out.

However I admit to feeling a bit of trepidation just before parents evening.  She’s been “a bit of a one” at home recently to say the least, with chatback/attempt to completely befuddle the parent being a favourite tactic.

Take this example:

Me: “If you don’t get dressed, I’ll have to confiscate your new kitty”

5 year old: “Well I’ve got other things anyway”

Me: “Pardon??? Right, sit on the step until I say so.”

5 year old: “I’m not sitting on that step, but I’ll sit on this one.  I like this one.”

…and so on.  “You had excellent control of that situation”, I hear you say!

So we sat through our chat with her teacher, as she told us our 5 year old had settled in really well, was happy, had made a really good start in reading, writing and maths and was especially shining in artwork at the moment.

…and we were sat there with expectant looks on our faces as if to say “…and anything else?”

But nope- wiley one is brilliant and compliant at school and saves her ‘negotiation tactics’ just for me and her Dad.

Do they have some magic discipline technique at school? Am I just a massive pushover? Or maybe it turns out a child’s behaviour can just be different in one setting than another.  Home is familiar and safer to misbehave in, maybe?  She loves her Reception teacher and wants to show them how good she can be and what she can achieve.  I know that already of course – so I’m fair game!

She can be an angel too, at home.  When she’s not thinking of ways to give me a dressing down, she helps tidy up, with cooking and will settle down to some reading time.

It’s comforting to know she’s so good at school, and feels so comfortable with exploring different boundaries at home. But I’m going to have to get some Scotland Yard training brush up on my own discipline tactics!

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What’s it like to turn 5?


The Elsa plait. Her ‘best present ever’ (cost me £3 from Tesco- bonus!)

I have a vague memory of turning 5 (as I approach 40 years of age rather more quickly than I’d like, my memories of this age or therabouts get more and more hazy).

I remember a birthday party with a round cake which I was very excited about, playing games in our back garden and throwing a massive tant when I didn’t win the plasticine in the pass the parcel.  I don’t remember much else, although I must have recently started school and made lots of new friends just like my 5 year old.

It’s interesting to observe her now; it’s both joyful to watch her enthusiasm about presents, parties and friends but also brings about a mixture of emotions for me – reflections on my own childhood, a hint of sadness that she’s growing up seemingly so fast, coupled with the necessary smugness of the ‘hooray- look, I brought up a 5 year old and she’s still ok!’ feeling.

She turned 5 just yesterday. So what was on her mind in the days before? What does she think and feel about turning 5?

  • The party is THE event of forever. Party anticipation becomes so feverish that it causes lack of sleep, grumpiness and over excitement in equal measure and constant questioning i.e. “Is it today, Mummy?”, “How many sleeps now?”, “Is it tomorrow?”, “Is it before Christmas?”
  • Everything changes when I turn 5. “When I’m 5, you won’t be able to pick me up anymore cos I’ll be too heavy”, “When I’m 5, I won’t be naughty anymore” (hooray!), “When I’m 5, I’ll know everything about the whole world”, “When I’m 5, I’ll be able to become invisible!”
  • If I wish hard enough, I’ll get that £100 toy I saw on the adverts. Yep – bad parents who let their nearly-5 year old watch Nick Jr instead of CBeebies only have themselves to blame.  Zoomer Kitty infiltrated our child’s mind, caused utter despair and many tears when we suggested that it was perhaps a little expensive and finally made its (loud) appearance yesterday to much gleeful excitement. (In other news about Zoomer Kitty, it won’t bloody ‘zoom’ on our wooden floors and instead moves around in a confused state rather like I imagine I would after a bottle of prosecco and several cointreaus).
  • Only I’m turning 5 – nobody else is allowed to. No-one else in her class was allowed to turn 5 before her. If they did, it just caused a state of denial “no they’re not 5, they’re just pretending.”
  • I can eat cake for breakfast, lunch and tea. And supper. There’s been a lot of cake in our house this week and turning 5 means it’s fair game at every opportunity and many negotiations skills are needed on the part of the parent to get the 5 year old to eat anything of any nutritional value.
  • It’s not allowed to end.  “Are we having a party today?” I was greeted with this morning, to which I replied “no – your birthday was yesterday, wasn’t it?”  Cue much grumpiness/denial/insistence that she surely must have more presents to open.

Today, partying is over until around 2 weeks’ time – when my youngest turns 3! October is officially party month in our household for the foreseeable future.  Turning 3 surely is more simple…we shall see!


“I iz Zoomer Kitty and I makez your lifez hell!”


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Back to school…and new beginnings

Well it’s been a while since I’ve written an update – a measure of a good summer during which I truly relaxed. I had very good intentions of blogging all of our summer activities and am now reduced to a quick panicked picture update!

It’s new beginnings on a number of levels here: nearly-5 year old starts Reception class tomorrow, meaning I’ll no longer have her with me for most of my non-working days.  Instead I’ll have my lovely nearly-3 year old, but what will we do together? That remains to be seen as we get into our new routine and find our feet.

Alongside these changes, I start a new job shortly and my husband also started a new job a few weeks ago.  Both roles are really exciting and challenging and should also help with our work life balance.

Anyway- onto our summer picture diary! My last post was about Knowsley Safari and we’ve done so much together since then that I’m having to remind myself of it all! Here goes:


Paddling in the stream at Lyme Park
Heaton Park funfair
Visiting the funfair (with an artificial beach) at Heaton Park
South Lakes Safari
Our mini break, with a trip to the South Lakes Safari Zoo
Grizedale Forest
The Superworm Trail at Grizedale Forest
Quarry Bank Mill
Playing outdoor games at Quarry Bank Mill
Bolton Museum
Dinosaurs at Bolton Museum
Dunham Massey
More fun at Dunham Massey (jumping in muddy puddles)
Blue Peter Garden
Trip to Media City at the Quays and the Blue Peter Garden
Tigon Manchester Museum
Maude the Tigon at Manchester Museum
Blackpool Zoo
Watching the Lions at feeding time at Blackpool Zoo
Home Community Cafe
…finishing off with some drawing at the Home Community Cafe in Didsbury today!

Phew! As I write, nearly-5 year old is so excited about Reception tomorrow that she has her guitar out and is singing a song entitled “yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah” very loudly! Wondering if we’ll ever get her to bed…

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Summer hols part 3: Knowsley Safari

Last weekend we were invited to Knowsley Safari to try out the UK’s longest Safari drive and get close to over 30 species of animals and birds.

We’ve been meaning to try out Knowsley with our girls (aged nearly 5 and nearly 3) for a long while now so I was pleased we finally made the journey.  It’s not far from us (in sunny Manchester) and took 40 minutes to drive there via the M57. 

The Safari drive first opened in 1971, and covers 550-acres with more than 700 animals including zebra, lions, tigers and baboons.  Alongside the safari drive, there’s a large Walkaround Area with many other animals, rides and trails (more later).

We were forewarned about the ‘interactive experience’, with lions possibly blocking your path during the drive and cheeky baboons doing allsorts to your car! So we chose to park up and take the ‘baboon bus’ around the safari (however, you can also take the baboon-friendly car route).

Lions at Knowsley safari

As soon as we set off on our bus, there was immediately plenty to see.  Our guide was great, keeping a good watch for any animals she could see and explaining fully the different kinds of antelope and deer.  My girls were thrilled to be so close to them.  At one point not soon after we set off, a baby Pere David’s Deer skipped and jumped across our path which they were enchanted to see.

We passed camels, Nilgai and Bongos, amongst many other animals.  We passed the section where Iberian Wolves were apparently lurking, but alas they were hiding from us that day.

By far the best bit of the Safari Drive is the lions.  As you can see from the photos above and below, we were lucky enough that day to get a really close view.  It was really amazing.  They were having a good old kip and a huddle together and at one point a lioness climbed a tree right in front of us.   Like a typical moggy, she got halfway, decided she couldn’t be bothered, got down again and then walked off with her head held high like nothing had ever happened.

Lions at Knowsley safari

We passed many more animals until eventually we reached the area everyone talks about: the baboons.  And yes- I can confirm that I saw baboons sitting on several cars, one even nonchalantly waving to us as we drove past.  One grabbed the ropes on the back of our bus and started climbing.   The guide explained to us that during the last World Cup, the Park amasses quite a lot of England flags that the baboons had pulled off cars and loved to play with.

Baboons at Knowsley safari

The guide was also very knowledgeable about conservation and world wildlife issues.  We were shocked to learn, on passing the White Rhinos, that they are expected to be extinct in 5 years due to poaching for their horns.  I find that so sad- they’re a magnificent animal and soon we’ll only be able to see them in zoos or protected safari areas.

We enjoyed the safari drive, which took around an hour on the baboon bus.  In  your own car, you can take as long as you like but of course any damage is at your own risk! We did think about taking the car around one more time, but then realised we had lots more to see and do in the Walkaround Area.

Giraffes at Knowsley safari

As you can see above, the Walkaround Area has a great Giraffe viewing platform.  They came so close you could almost touch them. Giraffes are one of my most favourite animals – such big eyes and they just seem so gentle and caring towards one another.

Similarly, there is also an elephant viewing platform.  They didn’t come so close when we were visiting, but we did see them frolicking around in the vast fields beyond.

Sea lions at Knowsley Safari

We also went inside the Bat Forest.  Now I think my nearly-5 year old could easily spend all day in a bat house.  It’s dark, spooky and flying bats whoosh by you when you least expect it.  It’s not everyone’s cup of tea but we enjoyed being in there! 

The photo above shows a Sea Lion doing a neat little manoeuvre.  We viewed a spectacular Sea Lion show (they occur throughout the day at regular intervals).  I’ve never seen Sea Lions perform- you can see they were really well looked after and enjoy what they do. And how good are they at balancing balls on their noses?? The keepers explained this was due to clever use of whiskers, but it was mesmerising!!

There’s lots to do and see at Knowsley-  I don’t think we quite managed it all.  There are quite a few children’s rides and our girls had a turn on some of these. There’s also birds of prey with talks throughout the day, high ropes adventure (we saw this- husband wanted a turn but alas it started raining), train ride, meerkat enclosure and a bug house which was closed for redevelopment when we visited. 

Knowsley has just launched its ‘Wild Trail’ attraction, too, in addition to its Equatorial Trail, where families can visit the new European Moose and explore the woodland environment while learning all about the indigenous species. 

We had a really exciting and full day.  I’m definitely aiming to go back and try out the wild trails.  Plus I can’t wait to drive round the Safari again! It’s a great summer activity. 

Disclosure:  We were invited free of charge to review Knowsley Safari.  All opinions are my own.  Prices are: Adults (16 and over) £16.50, Children (3-15 years) £12.50,OAPs (60 years and over) £12.50, Children under 3 FREE. A family ticket (2 adults and 2 children) is£55.00. Parking is free. For more information visit Knowsley Safari.

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Summer hols part 2: Delamere Forest

delamere forestLast weekend (when there was still a spot of sunshine around) we went to Delamere Forest in Cheshire for the day.

Delamere is one of our favourite spots and an absolute adventure for children (and adults!).  It’s Cheshire’s largest area of woodland (2,400 acres) and the opportunities for pretend play for my 4 1/2 and 2 1/2 year old are fab, whether it’s spider-hunting or pretending one of the many makeshift dens is the Princess Castle du jour.

The Forest is near Frodsham, not far from the M56.  We usually park up and choose one of the many trails to follow (there are also lots of biking trails if you’re cyclists) and just set off and enjoy the surroundings.  If you’re a keen walker or hiker, you can also follow one of the harder trails as they range from easy to, erm ultra hard? (not for us, just yet!).
delmere forest The Forest is a haven for wildlife, including different butterflies, the greater spotted woodpecker, siskin and southern hawker dragonfly (my 4 1/2 year old thinks she spotted one of these…she was quicker than me!).  But mine love simply pulling up a stone and seeing the many woodlice and worms underneath!

There’s a great visitor centre with a cafe (including obligatory ice cream) and even a BBQ on many weekends.  Our trail this weekend took led us here after just over 1k which was just right for 2 1/2 year old’s little walking legs (no prams here!).  After refueling, we gently made our way back.

There’s still so much we haven’t discovered about Delamere – lots of children’s holiday activities, a Gruffalo Trail (we’ve previously completed this – it was fun!), Go Ape! (scary climbing stuff!), Active Forest Taster days and horse riding activities.  It’s a gem for the north west – I really recommend trying it out (weather permitting!) as part of getting your children active this summer.

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